It's neck and neck and a spoiler in the RC Mayor's race

From Nielson Brothers Polling:

The new Nielson Brothers Polling (NBP) survey for the Rapid City June 7 municipal election shows Sam Kooiker with a slim lead (32%) over incumbent Alan Hanks (29%) in the mayoral race. Ron Weifenbach shows significant support at 18%. 17% percentage of respondents remain undecided.

Poll respondents were also asked for their opinions on the two leading mayoral candidates. Incumbent Alan Hanks had a 44% favorable response against 33% unfavorable. Sam Kooiker had favorables of 37% and unfavorables of 39%. A fourth of respondents claimed not to know the name of either man.

The polling firm says they believe a run-off is likely….. Stay tuned.

11 Replies to “It's neck and neck and a spoiler in the RC Mayor's race”

  1. grudznick

    Mr. Hanks and his beard and campground promoting as a legislature vs. Mr. Kooiker and his meddling in city executive branch business.

    I’ll take The Other Guy. Unfortunately, neither of them stand a butterball’s chance against a whole loaf of bread.

  2. Les

    Grud@”Mr. Kooiker and his meddling in city executive branch business.” ………..So you would rather not have a council member be able to question? “Heil mein Grud”

  3. Les

    You folks are busy over on the Hanks for Mayor F/B Flem. I like that Bill Knight, “thanks for trying to keep it clean”. We keep shooting that bull so none stir any manure that does have its presence in RC.

    Open government on Sam’s F/B? Is that something like letting Sam in on all your Hanks for Mayor sessions? Or just upset that they wouldn’t let you run their F/B??

  4. Bill Fleming

    As far as I know, Sam is welcome to comment on the Mayor’s FB page any time he pleases. Not sure though. I’m not an administrator there. Want me to check?

  5. Les

    Im sorry if I was unclear Bill. You were disappointed in Sams F/B for pulling a post of yours that was trying to lead his viewers to Mayor Hanks F/B thus my comment “upset that they(Sams FB) wouldn’t let you run their(Sams FB) F/B”.

  6. Les

    Regardless of the post cards from Sam, or the hundreds of thousands Alan spent, it all comes down to the man.

    You’re the people’s man Sam and never forget how that got you here.


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