Jeff, have you checked which State you live in?

So recently announced Congressional challenger and Minnehaha County Commissioner Jeff Barth told us what’s been on his mind following the murder of Law Enforcement Officer Ron Johnson — “…Barth has been thinking about defense costs since the escape and killing took place”   Really?  Not the family of the victim, not the safety of other law enforcement professionals or not even the safety of other inmates at the Penitentiary?

So let’s give Mr. Barth the benefit of the doubt and assume that he didn’t mean to sound so cold-blooded…..he might want to take into account that the attorneys appointed to the murderers are already salaried county employees, not to mention there is an extraordinary litigation fund to help cover the cost of expensive trials.

So does Mr. Barth think these cases are too expensive because of the rights we give to the accused for a fair trial or does he think the cases are too expensive because he doesn’t like the death penalty?

I certainly hope Mr. Barth isn’t saying  justice for Ron Johnson and his family is too expensive.  If that’s what he meant, Mr. Barth may find that contributing to his congressional campaign is too expensive for South Dakota.

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  1. Lloyd

    I think you’re reading a lot between the lines if you’re suggesting he’s complaining about the defense costs. I just looked at the story, and didn’t take it that way.

  2. oldguy

    What did he say that was off base? Maybe I am wrong but I thought he was just saying the trail was going to cost money not that he was against it.

  3. caheidelberger

    Big stretch, Kristi. The Argus speaks to Barth in his capacity as county commissioner. He speaks from the perspective of a public official who is accountable to the taxpayers. He didn’t say he was thinking of nothing but the money. The reporter quite likely didn’t ask about much else. You keep making stuff up, Kristi, while I keep talking about the actual votes our current Congresswoman is casting.

    1. Troy Jones

      of course, he is a dem. cory can’t say anything bad about him. Heck, he can steal directly from old people who have given tjeir money in trust and Cory says “He’s a Dem. and a good guy.”

      Cory you are without a doubt the most predictable and least intellectually vigorous person on the blogosphere. I really long for the days when a liberal was interesting to listen too. Boring!!!!!

      Kristi is right. When you look at Jeff’s lack of fiscal prudence and acumen, it is goofy he is making this comment. Since when did he care about being frugal? And now that we have a couple of dead law enforcement officers, he is concerned about cost? Bizarre is the best I can say.

      Jeff Barth caring about government cost of these trials would be like me caring about whether my haircut costs $10 or $12. In the end, it is the same. The money is gone and we both look goofy.

      1. Ghost Repeater


        Thanks for your textbook example of the ad hominem fallacy.

        Cory’s and Barth’s comments stand or fall solely on thier merits. What they’ve said in the past or your perception of those commenters are irrelevent to the truth or fallacy of their comments.

        Fact is, you could stand a healthy dose of intellectual vigor yourself.

        1. Troy Jones

          Good catch and appropriate comment you are making.

          Based on my literal comment, mea culpa is called for and I’m willing to make it. Especially because Jeff didn’t deserve to be caught up in it (I actually like him and don’t think he is a spendthrift). But, my deeper point is related to two things:

          Cory appears pathologically incapable to applying the same standard to a Republican and Democrats and their is no limit to the degree he will try to twist himself to have his double standard.

    2. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

      You wouldn’t get it if it came up and bit you on the behind. Ignorant things to say when a community and family are grieving the loss of this public servant.

      Your rabid dog approach to politics gets old the secon you post anything. You are the best spokesman for liberal ideas, thankfully that message is being read loud and clear. PLEASE! Keep up the good workl! You and Benny Boy ensure South Dakota’s retreat from the liberal ideas that are killing this nation.

      Good reporting Golden.

  4. MOSES

    I want to know Barth if you will cut farm subsidies.I want to know if you want to put medicare on a voucher like the paryt of Noem.

  5. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

    Too many people with too little experience in the relm of risking their personal safety. The comments were hallmark cad, akin to old Marie musing in French for the people to eat cake.

    I believe the appropriate Yiddish for this it “putz?” There is no price tag on doing the right thing, of protecting the public from that which government’s is supposed to do.

    Is old and wise so out of touch with the idiocy that is the here and now?


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