John Fitzgerald for Attorney General posts Video in favor of 2nd Amendment

From Facebook, John Fitzgerald talks about his support for the Second Amendment:

10 Replies to “John Fitzgerald for Attorney General posts Video in favor of 2nd Amendment”

  1. Anonymous

    This may be the worst video I have ever seen…low quality, head jerking all over the place..strained for words….

    A gift to Russell and Ravnsborg

  2. anono

    I think Fitz has the most and best experience for this job. However, his production quality on everything he puts out — logo, press releases, video — are all very poor. And now the compulsory video on 2nd amendment.

    1. Anonymous

      I disagree that he is the most experienced for the job. This video continues to show why along with some of the reasons you mentioned. He might be a good prosecutor, but that is it…I don’t see any of the other skills to run to be AG….if he runs the office as poorly as his campaign…god help us….

  3. John

    This did not leave me with a good impression.

    While the content seemed choppy it reminded me of Nixon v Kennedy debate. If you listened to it, it was ok…not great by any means but ok…but if you watch it, it was a train wreck. I watched it a couple of times and his head jerking all over the place was odd and distracting.

    It also makes me wonder as he thought this was a good take and should be released, urgh.


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