Just because it made me smile


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  1. grudznick

    My point being that even my breakfast friends, Mr. Newland and Mr. Flemming, can focus on a beautiful woman without being distracted by a stupid hat. I fear I did not make that clear in my last post.

    Point Summary: Newland and Fleming can admire a woman better than you.

  2. Bill Fleming

    Grudz, two questions. 1. When have you and I ever had breakfast together? 2. Where can you and I get one of those cool hats? I think we should each get one and have breakfast together in them sometime… At Tally’s maybe?

  3. grudznick

    I have seen you at breakfast several times, my young friend, and often even when I eat my breakfast alone I have conversations with you in my head.

    Tally’s would be nice, although now they’ve changed it and I’m not big on change.

  4. grudznick

    The Argus said that blogging was dying.
    This could be the first time the Argus has been right about something in half a dozen years or so!!!!


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