Just when did the flood start?

Well for the purpose of Flood Insurance — it’s June 1st

“If it becomes effective after June 1 it’ll be effective for a secondary, a heavy rain storm, something like that. It would be effective for that, but for this event on the Missouri River it’s June 1 you had to have their flood insurance in place,” Barb Fitzpatrick with FEMA said.

That’s when increased releases started happening at the Garrison Dam in North Dakota….even tho releases didn’t increase from Oahe until June 4th and the increased water levels didn’t reach Dakota Dunes until even later this month — and it’ll have to be the date for other downstream states.

Rep Kristi Noem is asking for some explanation as to how FEMA thinks it’s appropriate to pick one date to cover such an extensive flooding over such a large area.  The full letter is below…

This may be the most effective approach to help out people who added mortgages so they could get flood insurance before the water arrived….

Should buying flood insurance after hearing the water was coming be considered a good faith effort or should people who live near the river without flood insurance be out of luck?

FEMA Incident Letter

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  1. anon

    Building along the Missouri isn’t the same as building along the coast of Florida that experiences hurricanes several times a year.

    FEMA bails Florida out a lot. And those are rich people who know it’s a bad idea to build so close to the water.

    I’m not for Government handouts but I’m for helping people who are going to lose a lot because of flooding. They should be helped.

    1. anon

      We bail farmers out if their crops don’t grow or their cattle die so why not bailout people being flooded once every 50 years.

  2. any thing of no interest.

    The watch word for today is less government. The ? is is that less government and less bail out or is is just less government or what. It seems to me so many people see things much different at different times. Should we CUT, CUT, CUT or what? People want a lot of change until it has direct results on the front door. I bet a lot of very wealthy people in Dakota Dunes are not willing to pay for the dikes but expect gov to furnish at no cost to them. Yet they do not think taxes should be used to pay costs associated with saving the property they own at a very poor location……….

  3. MOSES

    Find it amazing we vote for ethanol then want to vote against the car industries are you listening Thune Noem and Johnson,you worry more about getting reelected than anything else afroaid to vote against the farmer.

  4. any thing of no interest.

    All 3 vote for things that gather them more votes than they loose.
    All 3 are more committed to the party than to the people who elect them.
    Politicians are crooks on a good day and worse the rest of the time………

    1. any thing of no interest.

      RR is dead. People are dealing with the present not the past. When kicked, and kicked and kicked, they kick back and it is kickback time. Yet 80% of the voters will follow the party line. They do not have the intellect to vote from the heart not the pocket book. Greed, and hate have been created by politicians for votes and now no one knows how to fix the many problems.

  5. Ricki

    What’s so criminal about our elected SD congressmen voting for agriculture interest when they are representing a state where a good share of the economy is ag-based? Isn’t that what our congressmen are supposed to do?


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