KELOland reporter called out for hit pieces, told no on interview with Governor.

Apparently Maggie Seidel with the Governor’s office has watched KELOland news before, and had a good idea of the end product she was going to get when asked about Angela Kennecke doing an interview with Governor Kristi Noem:

This week KELOLAND’s Angela Kennecke asked Governor Noem’s office for a one-on-one interview to address questions about rising COVID-19 cases in the state, her campaign trips for Trump and the economy. Angela received the following response from the governor’s office:

“Were there even the slightest attempt on your part to be fair in your reporting, I’d be happy to move this through the process. Since that hasn’t happened in my entire time with Governor Noem (and I’m told long before…), the answer is no.”


Read it all here.

That was actually… hilarious.

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  1. Finally someone called her out for her sensationalism. Good for the Gov’s staff for telling her to stick it!
    Several years ago she did a “hard hitting” piece on a volunteer in Vermillion who delivered senior meals. A senior died in their home and she proceeded to blame the volunteer. Hack journalist.

  2. I’m waiting for Angela to bring up that someone in the Noem administration might own a white pickup that could have been driving through Platte on the evening of the Westerhuis fire.

    1. You have always struck me as a fair-minded individual, Pat. But the governor is not being honest. You know that an increase in covid testing, while illnesses remain static, would mean a decrease in positive percentages. Not a huge spike like we have seen.

      Doubling the testing would not increase cases, hospitalizations and deaths by up to seven times. This is a deadly serious issue and should be treated as such.

      1. I don’t know that I agree that illnesses were ever expected to remain static.

        As I have heard the governor repeatedly say, until there is a vaccine, you are not going to stop infections. You can only slow it down, and the goal is to keep the rate slow so the serious infections don’t overtake the number of hospital beds we have.

      2. Elk, today I read that Arizona has seen their case numbers plummet this summer at the same time that South Dakota’s rose.
        Imagine that. I predict our numbers will drop and Arizona’s will rise as soon as the weather changes.
        Of course nobody can figure out why.

    2. Is she still looking for the footage from the burned-up security camera and the missing shoebox-sized safe?

  3. That studio is Noem’s safe space and career advancement tool only. Criticizers do not attempt entry.

  4. The Snow(flake) Queen only does safe space interviews on Fox. I’d pay good money to see Angela chasing her down, though.

    1. How ’bout when Biden agrees to do an interview with Sean Hannnity Governor Noem will do an interview with Angela Kennecke. Of course, that will never happen because Biden knows he isn’t going to be lobbed soft balls (and even those he whiffs at most of the time).

      You Democrats are all about holding Republicans to a standard that you never will hold Democrats/Socialists to.

      1. You’re comparing Angela Kennecke to Sean Hannity? Oof. I think we’ll just pat your widdle head and send you off with a juicebox and your blankey.

  5. Kristi Noem blames “testing” for South Dakota’s increase in Covid cases. Oh sure. That explains it, alright.

    Does she care that thousands are sick and hundreds will die as she plays this game of deception? There is no factual basis for her claim and ALL of you know it.

    We know why she won’t answer KELO’s questions. She can’t.

    1. Lock yourself in your basement if that is what you want to do. Let the rest of us make our own decisions, comrade.

  6. No worries there elk and ike. The Argus Liar will print some outrage and then huff and puff about the Governor not being transparent.

  7. This communication from Maggie Seidel was a win-win for KELO and Noem. Noem (through Seidel) gets to bash the media; KELO gets to report the response verbatim and leave it to viewers to decide whether it’s reasonable.

    My personal experience with Angela is that she’s a good journalist, even when I disagree with her editorial point of view.

  8. If that were a newspaper, I wouldn’t use it as toilette paper.

    I am immensely disappointed with their reporting .. embarrassed, to be honest.

    I mark and comment on many of their hit pieces on my twitter feed, just to keep a record. Rapid City Journal are fear pornographers as well.

    I have tried to stop reading our local rag it is so biased and in the tank.

    Then again, without such shoddy, p*ss-poor “journalism”, Plains Tribune wouldn’t be so popular and growing like crazy.

    Imagine that .. be honest (right or wrong), and the people gravitate to you.

    My twitter handle is @flowdoggy

    I do not make connections on twitter for your protection, but all of my retweets and comments should be public.

    That is all.

      1. You wear a mask, socially distance or stay home, completely up to you. I’ll make my own decisions.

  9. This isn’t about COVID. You can make all sorts of arguments about COVID. Noem has given interviews before on that topic and I’m sure she’ll give more.

    But she’s right not to take an interview with Angela Kennecke. She is shallow and sensationalistic, and she isn’t fair. You’d be crazy to agree to an interview with her.

    If Keloland really wants to offer serious coverage of COVID, they should assign a reporter who is willing to go beyond the superficial and to consider all sides. Angela is not that reporter.

  10. Our Governor is the best in the nation and Maggie Seidel is top drawer. Maggie’s response here is spot-on.
    Rock on, Maggie!!! Noli illegitimi carborundum!!!

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