Kevin Woster looking, but not seeing any dems on deck.

From KELOland:

A party with any hopes of competing next year in the Senate race should have candidates on deck. I’m looking, not seeing. And it’s shady enough in the dugout I can’t really see what’s going on. But there must be somebody in there, maybe doing something productive like corking a bat or fiddling with pine tar.

Please tell me there will be a Democratic slugger against Thune next year, and not a repeat of the embarrassing empty spot on the ballot where a Democratic candidate should have been in 2010 — the first time the guy who beat Daschle ran for reelection.

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59 thoughts on “Kevin Woster looking, but not seeing any dems on deck.”

  1. if kevin himself ran i think he’d do pretty well. he’s cagey though, i can’t confirm he’s a democrat.

  2. There are many good South Dakota Democrats … we live in MN and CO. Wouldn’t you. Why try to lead a herd of cats for a single seat? “Win Kristie’s Hat!”

      1. i’m going to stay with my opinion that woster himself should run. the democrats aren’t gone, there are thousands in this state and many are successful in business and local government. BUT i think there’s a real reticence for the successful among them to surrender their sense and opinions to the will of the national machine. they won’t say it out loud naturally but i think that sentiment is there. the democrats in this state have nothing outside of shs to pin hopes on, so the traditional political development system is failing. in that milieu you need a well known and trusted figure like a woster to say ‘ i’m standing because a stand has to happen here.’ and he would be perceived as being able to avert the pressure of the machine which is another benefit. shs doesn’t have that. sorry shs fans. bring her forth to run again and see.

        1. maybe she does. in truth, she has to be seen as independent, as she was in her first races. she lost that with the beltway-liberal-ladies makeover image she presented in her last term.

  3. @ enquirer …. I thought you are really Pat Powers by some of your posts. Am I correct? That’s pretty good though …. Porter Snorter. Did the other kids call you names when you were young? Have you any more good ones? Maybe for our President?
    @ anonymous …. Your comments to my posts are really very eloquent and succinct. You needn’t be shy about using your real name. You want the recognition and respect.

    1. no, i’m not and you’re not the first to say it. i’m a childish a****** with a little too much time to waste, who is drawn magnetically to the other true a******* who flaunt their disdain here. pp is more conservative than me i think and i love this place he has created. sadly i risk abusing my privileges here with my reactionary outbursts some days. i love guys like bill fleming who post here, and can handle a detailed drawing-out of views when we disagree. i enjoy manners and respect which some would find surprising. mr lansing, your posts fall tend to fall a little short of that, and i’m just taking potshots at your more bombastic and insulting messages from colorado and minnesota.

  4. @ enquirer …. Wrong. The worthy Democrats are long gone by age 25. To expand …Which is larger the GPP (gross personal product) of liberals who’ve left SD or the GPP of the conservatives who’ve stayed? No contest. SoDak loses the best and brightest. The liberals who stay are the milquetoast, I’ll just be quiet and ridicule these conservatives silently since they make fools of themselves on their own, variety of liberals. Enter “The Billy Jack Liberals”. The “We’re gonna put this boot in your ear and there ain’t a d*mn thing you can do about it.” liberals! We show up when there’s an oppressed minority that needs support (i.e. the native population so torn asunder by you SOWS … selfish overpriviliged whites). It’s our nature and God given duty to stand strong for the underdogs. We’re the liberals you’re going to get used to, like it or not. PS: There’s a reason 90% of South Dakotans live within a hundred miles of a border.

    1. you just called the south dakota-raised democrats cowards, and the ones who remain idiots. i know you will disagree with that because of the logic pretzel you’ve baked to present to us the vast intelligence behind your decision to not live here. great. keep not living here.

        1. whatever. i’m not pat powers. can you do anything without personal attacks? keep writing here too. i’m going to see what reverse psychology can get for me today.

    2. Did he just make a Billy Jack reference? LOL!

      That would seem to indicate that “Billy Jack” Liberals are more likely to be working on their applications for medicare than they are putting a boot in anyone’s ear.

    3. “SoDak loses the best and brightest.”

      That’s amusing.

      It seems that the ONLY people who lament SD losing its “best & brightest” are those who consider themselves the best and brightest, and so they HAD to leave!

      What arrogant BS.

    4. “There’s a reason 90% of South Dakotans live within a hundred miles of a border.”

      Mmmm, because that’s where RC and SF are located?

  5. Porter Lansing is one of the following:

    1) Not a real person but a shrewd conservative feigning to be a liberal to create an impression that liberals are arrogant, self-centered narcissists with very little to offer of intelligence.

    2) A fifteen year-old boy really good at video games, doing doobies in his basement, and being raised by time-warped hippies.

    3) A person with disordered priorities where he chooses a place to live without regard to proximity to friends and family, a job he finds rewarding, and has leisure activities he enjoys. It is disordered to discount those priorities because he finds a political environment unattractive and another attractive.

    If he is #1, he is too obvious. Narcissism is an illness and not a political philosophy.

    If he is #2, he needs treatment and a broader world experience.

    If he is #3, he is a pitiful disordered human being.

    1. at the end of it all, facts remain: it seems that in overtly political races, democrats have a hard-to-surmount 60-40 disadvantage at best with voters, and now we know gordon howie can’t split the party enough to help them. worse for howie, george soros now knows it so bye bye cash flow. i personally know a lot of fine local democrats on city councils and school boards, and they avoid the whole ‘what party am i’ issue when they run, which is good for them. it’s harder to bury the ‘d’ in a legislative or statewide race, that’s all there is to it. until the national democrat agenda recedes in the minds of sd voters, democrats have a problem and that’s it. they’re out of national-level players who rank above the agenda in the minds of voters.

    2. This guy is another example of why weed should never be legalized. Why are some of these guys constantly advocating legalization either really negative, angry as hell or just plain crazy?

  6. Good post pp.

    Democrats just need to run because they care and worry about winning second. If they have something to say say it and remember to be a south Dakota dem first not an Obama dem.

  7. I can’t get over the irony between running from a SB69 fight and then voting to change the minimum wage. I didn’t know I had the votes and signature before I had the votes and signature. Lazy. Do the work, tell the story, find the courage. End the idiocy.

      1. They have both legs to stand on, especially when Republicans have rigged the game so that’s the only way anyone can run against them.

  8. A conservative political blog w/out an unreserved ultra-liberal commentor is not a blog at all. It’s just a trough for slopping the SOWs … (Selfish Overpriviliged Whites) #grins ps The “boot” is a metaphor for message. They teach that stuff in Vermillion. – Porter Snorter

    1. Porter, Selfish Overpriviliged Whites? Jeepers! please remove the burden of that chip off your shoulder and stop smoking that Colorado weed, cheer up and drive on! Is the glass half empty or half full? Quit being so negative! Life is too short! 🙂

      1. gee and i thought “boot” was a metaphor for socialist authoritarian power politics. i have to reread orwell now.

  9. Porter: “don’t tell me what to do.”

    I forgot to add he is petulant.

    By the way Porter, your contribution is drivel and does disservice to to intelligent “unreserved ultra-liberal commentators.”

    1. Porter is a saboteur of the SDDP being a secret SDGOP agent. Porter you are helping us keep our domination of the state politics. Please continue and expand to writing letters to the editor in various news papers across the state. LOL!

      1. he isn’t doing south dakota democrats any favors with the ‘we’re too smart to fight on your turf’ stance.

    1. Porter reminds me of that Michael character on the Newhart show (the one set in VT).

      From GOP to SOW to LWIY, the absurdity and smugness is only outdone by the shallowness.

      And Porter, DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

  10. @enquirer… reading Orwell again might be good but “putting this boot in your ear” was the line Billy Jack used to introduce himself to the redneck haters disrupting the liberal students in the movie of the same name. Just sayin’…

    1. i was 13 when that movie came out, we just never took the time to see it. but i remember orwell’s “picture a boot crushing down the face of a man forever” reference. if i read the context of billy jack correctly, “boot in your ear” had something to do with kung fu fightin’ to make a point to unruly rednecks. i’m not surprised you think it’s an accepted form of message-sending. if you’re going to reference ‘billy jack’ i guess i’ll have to respond with appropriate quotes from sheriff buford pusser in ‘walking tall.’

      1. If you were 13 when the movie premiered, that makes you old now. Too old to continue living in mom’s basement. Time to get out!!

  11. Porter,

    What do should all the haters be called who disrupt conservative speakers and students on campus? Oh yes. Does just plain old “liberal” work?

    1. Yes, that’s perfect. Have the students started protesting in SoDak high schools, yet? Just wait ’til Fall. It skips a generation, you know. We took to the streets in the 60’s and 70’s and ended your Viet Nam War and these students are poised to make you SOW’s live’s miserable.

      1. the students of the 60’s had stodgy old bankers and plumbers sons and daughters for teachers, and protested against the ‘silent majority.’ the students of today already are in the supervisory clutches of a lot of liberals and old hippies. what nearby authority would they protest against? they’d be birds of a feather. perhaps the students will march militantly for teacher raises and new furniture in the breakroom.

        1. nope. the anti-war marchers and protesters of today will continue to be aging code-pinkos and ‘occupy’ dweebs and janitors-union activists like always. *yawn*

        2. i’m just reading the ‘billy jack’ quotes from my god, i’m so glad my parents never took me to crap like that. tom laughlin wrote hisself a fine fine picture show. what a boob.

      2. Porter are you driving back to South Dakota from Colorado to start this revolution, protests and chaos among our youth and the proletariat? You know you can’t bring that wacky weed across the border don’t you?

  12. Since “porter lansing” doesn’t get the irony that Billy Jack was admonishing the “rednecks” for being cads yet endorses liberal cads, I’m totally convinced “porter lansing” is a conservative posting to make liberals look like morons.

    “Porter,” you are trying to hard. Its not believable liberals are really that stupid.

    1. ehhhh, no. i think he’s the real deal. a conservative couldn’t pretend to embrace billy jack.

  13. Awwwww …. thanks Mr. Beal. I’d forgotten some of those issues and it’s a real pleasure to see them again. Thank-you again for looking them up. I’m an issues guy and I don’t really talk about myself much. I’d never have posted those. Let’s see …. time for the denouement. Here’s a question from “enquirer” about student protests “what nearby authority would they protest against?” OK …. recently students have protested Ferguson and other police brutality. Down here the students walked out and protested weekends against a Tea Party elected school board who wanted to change the events of AP History to reflect an extreme perspective. e.g. – There was no mention of the unionization and strikes that brought about worker’s rights and other things like that. The students were very successful (with help from the media) and the school board backed down and removed the plan. We’ll see if they retain office. That’s enough for a few days. AND, thanks again Mr. Beal. #grins

    1. Porter, Son I may have some bad and good news for you. I have done well with the many movies I starred in showing people how I picked myself up from my boot straps and accumilated wealth along the way. It was fun in my youth being a liberal but when I grew up and matured I switched parties and became a Republican during the Reagan years and have believed in Conservative Principles since then.

      My concerns now are preservation of wealth, real job creation with minimal government intrusion, paying down our national debt and a strong national defense.

      Again it’ may be fun being a liberal in our youth but when you grow up in life as I have you have real responsibilities you become a Conservative. Please do not use my name anymore in connection with any liberal causes.

      Proud to be a Patriotic Conservative Republican

      Billy Jack

    2. Porter Lansing

      April 8, 2015 at 12:03 pm

      L.W.I.Y (last word is yours, gentlemen and ladies)”

      And then he/she posts at 8:55!

      He cannot help himself!

  14. Thank you kindly, Mr. Enquirer… and whoever is claiming to be Billy Jack, Thomas Robert “Tom” Laughlin (August 10, 1931 – December 12, 2013) was an American actor, director, screenwriter, author, educator and political activist who never flipped to your dark side. PS …. 56 comments? Apparently when Porter talks people are moved enough to respond, PP. ~ “HILLARY FOR USA” #Who’sYourGuy

    1. you’re most welcome good sir. i’m always there for a fellow loudmouth acting in good faith. thanks.

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