Kristi and Bibi

Kristi Noem was part of the escort party for the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addressed Congress. Nice honor for the Freshman.

The President raised the hackles of Israel and it’s supporters (as well as the remaining Republican candidates for Pres) by suggesting Israel give up the Gaza Strip and West Bank…..also known as 1967 borders in exchange to move the peace process forward.    In spite of predictions to the contrary, the shift from being Israel’s staunchest ally didn’t bring about the apocalypse last Saturday.  But do you really think the majority of the U.S. is ready to shift along with the President?

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  1. caheidelberger

    Boehner poses Noem for photo op. Dog bites man. I’m still waiting for this blog to stop talking about Noem’s image and say something about her accomplishments for South Dakota in Washington. Is Netanyahu going to buy more corn from us, or ethanol? Are we setting up tourism specials for Israelis? What’s the point here?

    1. 73*


      It’s kind of cool. I suppose it is because she is the leader of the Freshman class.

      Obama’s policies cost Herseth her job. You should be upset with him rather than Noem.

      1. J Rae

        Imagine that…a partisan divide on Middle East policy and any interaction with Israel. I think we all know too well that most peoples concern is not the well being of Israel or peace, but using the situation as a political tool for our own partisan purposes.

  2. Bill Fleming

    I hope she tole Netanyahu to jack down and get off his high horse. he needs Obama and US goodwill more than we or Obama needs him. Maybe Kristi can make that kristi-clear for him. Somebody should.

  3. El Toro Loco Grande "The Big Crazy Bull"

    Tsk, tsk, tsk… the arrogance of the liberal left never ceases to aggrivate my innerds. Mr. Cory’s obsession with our good congresswomen is getting scarier by the day.

    When you put this failed communist community activist, organizer, errr union attorney, whatever he is/was, next to a rea leader like Bibi? No contest.

    For those that don’t understand the religious significance to Christians, crack the Word and get a clue. Our historic support is because of those ties that relate and bind our fates together and again shows Pres. Obama’s lack of that Christian faith…

  4. anonymous

    I hope she told him that in her effort to balance the budget she has to say “no” to subsidies for Israel. If she’s really a budget hawk she would also tell him that Israel needs to start paying us to fight their wars for them and continue to be their strongest ally. Money is flowing in the wrong direction in this relationship right now.

  5. anonymous

    BTW: US policy toward Israel and the peace process is the same as it has always been under Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr., RayGun, Carter, Ford, Nixon – all the way back to 1967.

  6. Electrifying South Dakota

    Obama’s mentioning of a return to the 1967 borders and a tit-for-tat trade of established settlements was not a mere epiphany, but an elevation of a position advanced by the State Department negotiators going back to the Bush administration. I can honestly say that I have never been to Israel, I can honestly say that I know very few people of the Hebrew persuasion, and I think it is really cool that my old Catholic church in Aberdeen sits right next to a synogogue, in fact I consider myself to be fairly open minded about the middle east, but ever since the assassination of Rabin, Israel has been led by a parade of very difficult minded individuals. Ariel Sharon sought peace and stability at the end of an M1-Abrams tank, Bibi’s let them eat cake attitude only further stirs up a difficult pot, and Hamas certainly isn’t free of blame either. I have always said, and will continue to expound my support for the Grand Old Party, but every President knows that Israel and Palestine transcend partisan politics…it’s way beyond partisan politics. The reallocation of land and establishment of a new democracy shouldn’t become political fodder for the scoring of easy points, and shame on AIPAC for stirring our congressmen and congresswomen into a seething and frothing bunch of talking heads.

  7. Duh

    The Palistinians and Hamas are about as unstable as you can get. They are thugs, pure and simple fighting over land that a farmer wouldn’t pay two cents for. It isn’t about the land, it’s about the destruction of Israel. Period. There is no negotiating with them as they don’t even recognize Israel as a state. Prime Minister Ben clearly stated that if the borders were moved back Israel would have less than one minute to prepare for more of the 14,000 missiles already lauched at Israel by the Palistines and Hamas. El Toro is spot on. Oblabla is again way over his head and really hasn’t a clue. So, in the space of many long months, Oblabla has managed to piss off most of our most valuable allies: Australia, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Canada and now Israel. Oblabla is on a clear course of intentional destruction of our foreign policy. Simply the worst President ever.

    1. Electrifying South Dakota


      I appreciate your emotional exhuberance regarding the competence of Obama’s term as POTUS, and while I make no qualms about supporting the nation of Israel, it must be appropriately balanced. Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush all knew this to be so. Nixon wisely allowed Egypt and Israel to settle their border dispute through the Yom Kippur War rather than rushing quickly into Israel to support Golda Meir, if anything we merely kept the Soviets out of Egypt. Yet I won’t bore you with history. In fact I would offer this suggestion to foment your ire, take a look at the NLRB’s decision to tell Boeing that it cannot open a plane manufacturing plant in the Carolinas because its simply a retaliatory act against its unions in Washington State. On this matter, I am sure we agree that the Government should get a rectal-cranial exam.

    2. (larry k)

      Dud, you believe the US Constitution is being threatened yet you support the illegal Israeli state? Due process is certainly wasted on you.

      Nine Tribes of South Dakota! Dud believes you have the right to defend yourselves against foreign attack. Make it so!

  8. Duh

    Electric – I totally agree on the Boeing issue, but who’s runnig the government right now? Same crap, different issue.

  9. anon

    I think Obama should campaign on giving the black hills back to the indians and texas back to Mexico. I don’t see it being popular here either so why does he think it’s good to give land back to the 67 boarders?

  10. Name

    We all have personal and private agenda’s that make us or our friends look good.
    Our priority is not the USA as that does not fit our agenda………
    To make the USA look good would mean that all 3 parties would have to work together rather than BITCH about nothing important…………..

  11. Duh

    “Dud, you believe the US Constitution is being threatened yet you support the illegal Israeli state?”

    What? Israel is one of our closest allies and has been a stabling force in the middle east since it’s inception. Illegal? They have no right to be recognized and exist but you do? Whatever. Anyone who supports Hamas and Palestinians who would torch you over a bowl of sheep innards isn’t worth a response. If those idiots in the Gaza would get off of their knuckles and be reasonable rather than launching hundres rockets like it’s the fourth, then maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s always Allah this and Allah that to legitimize senseless violence in the name of their putrid religion. Their Allah can bite me. No, I’m not Jewish. That being said, name ONE Jew that blew himself up in a market full of innocents….

  12. feasant

    Thank goodness we have Kristi Noem representing us in DC. At least there is a little bit of common sense in the House. I can hardly wait to wave good-bye to Timmy, who is really showing his true liberal colors.

    Noem has done more in a year than, what was that other reps name again?

    Thank you to the Noem Family!


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