Kristi Noem named one of eleven ‘Political Women on the Move’ by Washington Examiner.

South Dakota’s Congresswoman Kristi Noem continues to grab national attention, and was just featured in the Washington Examiner newspaper as one of 11 political women on the move, alongside such other honorees as Carly Fiorina, Jodi Ernst and Amy Klobuchar:

Republican from South Dakota

kristi noem headshot May 21 2014

Elected to the South Dakota legislature, she quickly rose to a leadership position and gained a reputation for pragmatism and determination. She ran for the House in 2010, attracting Ted Hustead as her treasurer, one of the state’s leading money men, and won (narrowly) against an opponent who had won the two prior elections with more than 70 percent of the vote.

She was quickly chosen as one of two freshmen members to represent her class in Republican leadership meetings.

Now in her third House term, Noem has concentrated on tax policy and trade issues. She holds a seat on the House Ways and Means Committee.


When asked how the candidacies of Clinton and Fiorina would affect the discussion of women’s issues in 2016 campaign debates, Noem said, “Every issue is a women’s issue. There really aren’t women’s issues — just women’s perspective on all issues.” It’s a mistake, she said, to let women be boxed in on certain issues because they are concerned about everything going on in America.

Noem pointed out that women are the majority of voters. They pay the bills and make most family decisions on healthcare. The rapid and continuing rise in the cost of living leads American women to look for a candidate who shares their views and can chart a better path for the nation.

Noem believes that President Obama’s policies have hit women disproportionately hard. There have been, she said, many women-owned businesses that have failed in the past six years. Under Obama, women have lost their jobs, and those who can work haven’t seen wages increase as they should. She thinks women won’t vote for someone who is the most charming, but rather, someone who agrees with them and can solve problems.

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5 thoughts on “Kristi Noem named one of eleven ‘Political Women on the Move’ by Washington Examiner.”

  1. Well deserved. She’s doing a nice job. I’ve heard she’s thinking about running for Governor. I hope she stays in the House. She represents us really well there and is moving up quickly with good committee assignments. She’ll be in leadership at some point or in the Senate. If she leaves, maybe she becomes Governor but maybe not. But she gives up a House seat and opens it up to options I’d rather not consider — Brendan for one but even a couple options on the R side that wouldn’t do as well as Kristi.

  2. There is a vote coming that involves vacating the Speaker of the House chair. Has Kristi said how she plans to vote on this?

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