Kristi Noem to headline Brookings Lincoln Day Dinner on 3/27

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Kristi Noem, who is going to be the Republican nominee for Congress in 2016 (and sometimes gets mentioned as a good candidate running for Governor in ’18) is going to be the keynote speaker at the annual gathering of Republicans in the county on March 27th, three weeks from Friday.

6 thoughts on “Kristi Noem to headline Brookings Lincoln Day Dinner on 3/27”

    1. What message is Mickelson going to give? My dad and grandpa were governor, so I should be governor too?

      I’m not sure what he brings to the table at this point.

      Marty has a far better track record at this point.

      1. It’s odd that we have Kristi as a congresswoman who went around the state talking about her fathers death and now we have another potential candidate in Mark Mickelson who could do the same. Not too often do to people have a similar life story.

        Marty Jackley probably coasts to a gubernatorial victory. I don’t see Noem or Mickelson giving him any serious challenge because they both lack executive experience.

  1. Marty and Kristi would seem normal they are statewide elected officials and could update us all on something going on. Michaels could do the same.

    Mickelson is just a state rep at this point representing SF and has not declared for any higher office, I think it would be awkward at this early stage for him to speak outside of Sioux Falls.

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