Latest Annette Bosworth pre-trial plea is a bit bizarre. Dear Wedding List Legislator:

Like her infamous “dirty words” press conference back during the primary, indicted US Senate Candidate Annette Bosworth has a knack for coming up with publicity stunts that are bizarre, or such a horrific train wreck, you can’t look away.  And this week brought us another.

As the days count down to her upcoming February trial for attesting to petition signatures she didn’t witness, State Legislators meeting in Pierre for the 2015 legislative session received a letter this week from former Candidate Bosworth, complete with personal annotations. And this one is a doozy.

“Dear Wedding List, Legislator.

You’re Invited to the wedding. Or at least you would be invited to the wedding if Chad and I were planning our wedding today. That is why you’ re getting this letter, You are on my “wedding list” of people.

You are receiving this letter because you are a legislator and you will be in Pierre during the trial!

Not surprisingly, as you page through it, this is uncomfortable to read. Not because anyone thinks she’s being railroaded, since by her own admission, she says she wasn’t present for the signatures she attested to witnessing. It’s cringeworthy because the group of people she’s sending it to – state legislators – are among the least likely to buy a letter repeating things that, amidst all the biblical quotes, most believe are a complete load of bullsh*t.

Dear Legislator Weddinglist

I humbly ask for you to use your God-gifted-talents. I am praying that the cold courtroom in Pierre will be filled with the warmth from God’s people. I am asking for support in the form of your presence at this trial. If you have witnessed a jury trial, you understand the powerful message supporters send. The power of the presence of supporters in the courtroom strengthens the person on trial, their family, their lawyers as well as the citizens serving on the jury. If you have never witnessed a jury trial, come and gain the experience with your own eyes. Help me put purpose to this pain. We will witness to South Dakota and the country that when you trust in the Lord, His people will stand together during times of adversity.

Are we thinking this is going to cause any legislators to abandon their desk in the State Capitol, and walk the block and a half to the courthouse?

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  1. What if the courtroom is filled with South Dakota citizens and taxpayers that are there for entertainment and/or just want to see her pay for her alleged crime since she will not accept responsibility and keeps poking at our Justice system.

    Will there be a popcorn machine and fountain drinks in the courtroom? Pepsi or Coke products?

    Anyone planning on going to watch the drama? Will there there an admission charge?

  2. Dear Annette and Chad,
    Please accept my regrets for not being able to attend this special occasion in your lives. Though I will be in Pierre during that time, I will be helping the Attorney General pass a bill so people like you in the future can’t scam others for thousands of dollars with fake land raffles and the like. In lieu of a gift please just consider yourselves lucky you only got charged for the signature violations. I know of no one in the legislature who thinks you are being picked on. Everyone I know thinks you got a free pass on your far more serious, unethical and unChristian money scams and scandals. You are not being persecuted for righteousness sake. You are reaping what you’ve sown.

  3. Some folks in politics are in a position to tell a lie often enough to make it believable, others not so much.

  4. Will the Bosworth/Haber groupies be there protesting outside the courthouse or interrupting the proceedings inside?

  5. ” one supporter wants to help by sponsoring the cost of bus-transportation to get to and from Pierre during the trial. Another supporter offered to help by sponsoring the cost of the hotel rooms in Pierre during the trial. Yet another sponsor has offered to cover the cost of a daily catered meal for the supporters willing to attend the trial.”

    Some people deserve to be scammed

  6. “Yet another sponsor has offered to cover the cost of a daily catered meal for the supporters willing to attend the trial.”

    Would this sponsor be willing to add Grudz and I to the meal list if we show up to watch? We just want to watch that’s it but a free meal would be nice.

  7. No doubt future fund-raising letters will refer to the “packed courtroom” of supporters at the trial (where she’s convicted). No matter it only takes about 20 people to pack the tiny Hughes Co. courtroom.

    Rep. Hickey, if the Judge allows interested parties to testify at her sentencing hearing, I hope you can take the time to appear and testify on behalf of her many victims.

  8. Anybody know where they’re registered? I want to chip in on the wedding bracelets – that the Hughes county sheriff will be providing.
    The letter is the weirdest piece of political mail I have received, so I think Pat understated with “a bit bizarre” .

    1. Not sure why it showed me as anonymous, don’t blog that way, this comment was from Lee Schoenbeck. Shouldn’t say it, if you can’t own it

  9. About those catered meals:
    What’s on the menu?
    If there’s a dinner party involved, I’m in!

  10. This is sad in all aspects for the children. Thankfully, they seem to have a ‘normal’ support/familial system. Just curious if anyone who followed the primary has a list of those national venues she/they used to obtain support in volume. I can think of a few shows (tv) but someone should do a followup of the fraud so others on these national chains can be informed. If you recall anything of nationwide attention, please reply as to either the network, host or anything you can recall.

  11. I would hope that the bus fares, meal tickets and hotel rooms will be paid in advance. Otherwise I’m not going!

  12. Perhaps the churches in Pierre should be alerted that there will be pilgrims arriving who may find themselves with no place to stay and nothing to eat, sort of like what happened when 2 dozen SD teenagers went to Atlanta to work for vendors at the Olympics.

  13. “Annette, this is the Lord. Get professional help. Seriously. I’m worried about you.”

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