Lederman getting love from Iowa

The Politically Speaking blog from the Sioux City Journal gives some love to Dan Lederman – legislator from southeastern South Dakota.  Dan has been hanging with the movers and shakers — bringing in Newt Gingrich and security analyst Frank Gaffney for events in the area to highlight issues that are personal to him — specifically Israel and it’s security and how those security issues in the Middle East can impact the Midwest.

Since no good deed goes unpunished — expect the SD Democrats to try to exploit Dan’s work to question his priorities next election cycle.  Good luck with that.

35 Replies to “Lederman getting love from Iowa”

    1. Name

      What I like about Lederman is he is all in for the stuff he believes in. He has really done an amazing service with the RJC.

          1. anon

            Looks like he does a great job for his district and getting attention to the issues that he cares about also. The RJC is important to him and it’s good that he brings that perspective to SD politics.

  1. anon

    I’ve often wondered if Lederman would run for a PUC seat. He would have been a very formidable candidate for a nomination at the convention last summer since he was the former county party chair of Union and is also a legislator. The guy knows a lot of people and he is good at campaigning. He would be very strong in a convention system.

  2. ymous

    Dan is a great guy and I dont believe he is all about Dan. He did a great job in working to get a co-parenting law in SD which wasn’t about him. Sioux City SD is lucky to have a person like him serving in the legislature.

  3. CaveMan

    Write a book on public service in South Dakota and those who always try to inspire the greater good of mankind; Dan Lederman will be at the top of that list with the shortest amount of time spent promoting of anyone on the list.

    For anyone to call him self serving; calls himself a fool.

    1. anonymous

      I don’t understand where this anti Lederman attitude comes from.

      Is it because the guy takes advantage of social media? Other legislators should use it also. The SD GOP should teach a class so the other legislators can be more proactive with social media. Lederman is cutting edge in SD Politics and does one of the best jobs of keeping in touch with his constituents.

    2. feasant

      CaveMan you are right on. I remember Dan driving all over the State camaigning for fellow Republicans. We need more Dan Lederman types. Congratulations Dan!

  4. Voter

    I think that Dan is someone that we could send to Washington (He goes there pretty often now actually! LOL) When is Johnson’s term up?

  5. Name

    I agree PUC wouldn’t be ideal for Lederman.

    We just need more people in SD so we can have more congressional districts…

  6. kurtz

    President Eisenhower?s military-industrial complex is alive and well, channelled in Lederman, who knows which side of the bed red state economic development is buttered. Want to sell to South Dakotans? Sell paranoia.

    1. Pine Ridge Rezzer

      And here we have another ignorant wasicu spouting off again… We need people like Dan Lederman working for us on the reservation because it’s people like this that actually get things done, not some crazy susula who thinks they’re “down with the struggle”

  7. Pine Ridge Rezzer

    And you’ve proved my point wasicu… Rather than offering a credible comeback or a realistic goal to help out here on the reservation, you offer some crude response and then some goal that you think will make us feel better. All you’ve done is prove your ignorance by trying to appear that you’re down with the struggle… Well done wasicu, well done.

    1. kurtz

      So, i post under my real name and you post under a psychonym? I’m on the record; you’re on what? South Dakota is not your friend. Why defend Lederman who advocates for war criminals?

        1. Pine Ridge Rezzer

          Oh please, drop the righteous defender crap. You want to whine about being “on the record”? Please, i’m fairly certain it was you who posted under a different name on a previous post. And about South Dakota not being my friend, it’s a place like this that elected a man like Dr. Ben Reifel to Congress… South Dakota has done more for us than people like you or the federal government has. We need people like Senator Lederman out here on Pine Ridge, people who are willing to work hard and get stuff done, not just spout cliche catchphrases like you have.

          1. kurtz

            Natives will turn the election for President Obama here in Montana. How sad that you have nothing but grief from Republicans whining about voter fraud in Shannon County.

          1. kurtz

            It’s David Montgomery‘s fault. I gave up the War Toilet for dead last week and he resurrected it. Pat should give $100 to Bill Janklow’s idea of public radio as a reward for even having me here to run the defibrillator.

  8. Lee Schoenbeck

    Dan knows how to bring attention to issues he cares about. You can call that publicity seeking, but I think that mis-appreciates that – to me at least- he seems motivated by a servant spirit. He brings attention to things he cares about, and I don’t think that is just Dan.

    1. kurtz

      Are Americans entitled to $2.50 gasoline, Mr. Schoenbeck? A Buick in every garage? Paranoia drives American capitalism. And nobody does it better than wasicus like Lederman and me.

    2. Arrowhead

      I’m with Schoenbeck on the Lederman issue. He is great at getting the word out about those things he cares about.

      I’d want Dan in my corner. He’s a great guy! Ask any legislator Dan offers a lot of resources and help to a lot of different people and their cause in ways that don’t benefit him.

  9. 73*


    Obama has 0 chance of winning Montana.

    Obama better focus on Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Iowa.

    Right now I’d say he will lose a lot of those states.

  10. Me

    Sen. Lederman is getting love from Iowa, but he’s not getting any from the Mighty Mo. I wonder if he’ll be getting $$ love from taxpayers after his home floods, or if he has exercised personal responsibility and bought flood insurance?