Legislator seeking to overturn yesterday’s STAR Academy sale

STAR Academy sold for 2.34 Million yesterday (subject to the Governor’s approval), but Watertown State Seantor and possible congressional candidate Neal Tapio doesn’t like it. And plans to fight the sale during the upcoming legislative session:

Several legislators who attended the auction hinted at a possible effort to stop the sale when the Legislature convenes next week for its 2018 lawmaking session.

One of those legislators, Sen. Neal Tapio, R-Watertown, said recent juvenile-justice reforms by state government have not worked as intended, and have instead passed the burden of juvenile behavior problems down to local governments and schools. He said a facility such as the STAR Academy is still needed to treat troubled youth.

“There are an incredible number of legislators who think the system is broken,” Tapio said in an interview after the auction. “It’s going to be a matter of talking with them to find out what our next option is.”

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I’m not sure which system is broken. Is Tapio talking about the juvenile justice system in general? Or the sale of the property?

I hate to mention it, but if memory serves…The legislature did vote on both of those issues in recent sessions.

Moving on..

8 thoughts on “Legislator seeking to overturn yesterday’s STAR Academy sale”

  1. No one wants a meth treatment center there other than a guy who lives on the other side of the state.

    Move on.

  2. He’s right on JJR. It is not working and needs fixes asap. I applaud Sen. Tapio for trying to bring light to the issue.

    1. You quite evidently don’t know Tapio at all. All you do is type a bunch of BS. So, who are you trying to help Dusty or Shantel?

    1. Give it a rest, Tara.
      A 17 year old should have known what drug allergies he had. The prescribing doctor should have asked before ordering it. The pharmacist should have asked before filling it. And the nurse who administered it should have asked before giving it.
      Either nobody asked, or nobody knew he was allergic to the medication.

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