Legislators invited on tour of Flandreau pot facility

I just had this forwarded by one of our state legislators:


What do you think about the invite? And if you were an elected official, would you go on a tour of a facility built on a site specifically designed to circumvent South Dakota State Law?

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  1. The FSST and any tribe that goes this route here in SD will most likely lose some potential allies from this knowing what negative social costs this will place not only on tribal lands already dealing with drug & addiction issues but the surrounding region outside of their jurisdiction.

    1. Has anyone researched how Marijuana has affected Colorado? Crime DOWN, DUI’s DOWN, use amongst teens, DOWN, black market sales, DOWN. Everyone assumed the worst when CO made the initial jump, and it did the complete opposite. The only issues you have seen deal with edibles, which Flandreau is not planning on doing as of right now.

      1. According to the pro-pot activists Colorado has turned into Heaven on Earth with no crime whatsoever, everyone is happy, productivity is up, addiction is a thing of the past, no more illnesses or cancer due to Cannabis being a miracle gift from God and cats & dogs are living together.

  2. With the direction the SDDP is heading I wouldn’t be surprised if they hold a fundraiser or Central Committee meeting at their new Marijuana facilities.

      1. Check out the Clay County Democrats Pig Roast Fundraiser Oct 3rd in Vermillion. Look who the guest speakers are and what petitions they have been distributing. More SD Democrats will be leaving the party.

  3. On the surface, it looks like the tribe wants to work legislature.
    Sort of get their blessing for this little enterprise.

    Do you know if the AG has been invited to this little gathering.

    1. I really didn’t answer the question.

      If invited, and everything fell into place, I would go.
      My attendance would not be considered an endorsement by any means
      Given the location to Sioux Falls, I believe it is important to know what they have planned (legal or not).
      I want to know what safety measures they have in place Are they doing anything with hemp, or plant extracts? and some other questions. I would hope the AG and the Sheriff would be there to answer any enforcement questions.

    1. papers for what? He’s always so paranoid and secretive about law enforcement when he returns to South Dakota.

  4. There is a better way to approach this with these elements of being: trackable, ethical, responsible, regulated, researchable, enforceable, safe, educational on an statistic level, credible, curb fraudulant activity, and transparent issue to “medically” help families/caregivers of need-this is as a need basis- not a “want” approach. The approach would clearly cover “medically necessary” help based on each indivdual case.

    1. yeah like when the petitioner for medical marijuana posted on social media that she would be at the Mitchell Skateboard Park so they could come and “sign to get their medicine” but “they didn’t have to be a skateboarder.” Still trying to figure out why teenage and early 20’s skateboarders are a special group that needs medical marijuana.

  5. Post traumatic stress disorder, trauma, behavioral/sensory issues, safety issues, , cancer “hidden” disabilities – does not discriminate. If your a parent/caregiver dealing with this on a “minor”level. Then you know and understand that some traditional pharmaceutical scripts just don’t cut it and if your NOT getting proper educational and medical support/programs that actually work to help with these challenges , then you also know the help is minimal, if any. “Evidenced based” is critical with families of need. Legislation needs to research cases that are on “contracts” rather then visiting a facility to get facts.

    1. Post traumatic stress disorder has been denied as a qualifying condition for Medical Marijuana 3 times and the 3rd time just recently in Colorado where their MMJ laws are known to be lax.

      Minnesota( home of the Mayo Clinic & U of M Hospital) which has the most strict and controlled Medical Marijuana law in the nation does not have PTSD under their 9 qualifying conditions.

      1. Of course not……they are into the hard addicting prescription drugs…….just follow the money. If you used cannabis for medical purposes can you imagine the negative financial interest that would have on big pharma.

  6. Thank you about CO and MN. I am talking about SD. As far as the “other” conditions I brought up, what is the stats on that? Anonymous. Thank you.

    1. The point is be careful of where you get your information since much of it is based on pothead claims just spouting anything to legalize recreational use and abuse. Studies influenced by those who have much to gain financially but that would NEVER happen right? Playing the old sympathy card 🙂

  7. Don’t judge the tribe based upon the decision of the executive council. Members of this tiny tribe actually wanted to refer the decision to a vote of the entire membership but were told by the executive council that if anyone signed the referral petition then that person would no longer be eligible for a per cap payment. Besides, law enforcement overseen by the son in law of the Tribe’s treasurer? Gang, this isn’t about kids, tiospaye, no. Good old greed! Wasichus, stay away!

  8. I am not saying anything negitive about the small tribe, I love the culture. The issue is larger then that facility.

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