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    1. Sanford Profile diet for Mark is helping him look good. Mike should look into it or drop the s from his name and just go with Round

    1. 2019 maybe. Unless we see several unforeseen events involving Dennis Daugaard and Matt Michels in the next two years

        1. *snort* Right, and what’s Mauer’s OBP betting left handed with the wind blowing out against LHP’s with a “T” in their middle name . . .

    2. Doubtful that we’ll see both Noem and Mickelson among the top 4 come 2019. Assuming they run against each other in the gubernatorial primary that would leave the House seat open for someone else. You’ll have a top 4 of Thune (assuming he’s not a Cabinet official), Rounds, Noem OR Mickelson, and the new House member (Jackley or Johnson are my bets)

      1. I would think Noem would be the frontrunner in a primary but Stephanie might be the frontrunner in a general.

        I can’t imagine that Marty would run for congress because he’s a legitimate candidate for governor. Any of the 4 could win (Marty, Mark, Kristi, Stephanie). Brendan Johnson could win a congressional race because I don’t think Dusty Johnson could defeat him. Maybe a Jim Seward could.

        If Brendan wins that congressional race he will challenge Rounds in 2020 or Thune in 2022. He could easily get the foothold he needs to win a US Senate upset.

        All good candidates. It’s exciting for SD. Competitive races make for good government and better civic involvement.

        1. Marty will run for Congress when he sees the writing on the wall that he’s not going to be able to compete against Mickelson and Noem

          1. I think it would be a competitive 3 way with no clear frontrunner. Marty, Kristi and Mark all do their things well.

            Why would Marty run for Congress when he can make a pile of money in the private sector? Marty wants to be governor not a politician. He’s 42 years old. He’d be better off to go work in the private sector for 8 years and make money and then run for gov in 2026 if he doesn’t want to run this cycle. I believe he will run for gov in the next cycle. Noem is the person I am not sold on running or having the qualities SD looks for in a gov. What has she done?

  1. MHS, all I know is Mauer is dead last among AL first basemen in Runs Created per 27 outs.

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