Lora Hubbel prepares to destroy another political party.

My kids certainly enjoy the Disney movies starring Wreck-it Ralph, a video game character who has the catchphrase “I’m gonna wreck it.”

I am reminded of it after seeing Lora Hubbel’s latest Facebook post coming off of her destruction of the state Constitution party, as she announces her intention to seek a new soapbox:

Lora Hubbel has found a new political party? Oh no! She’s gonna wreck it!

29 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel prepares to destroy another political party.”

  1. I wonder if she will also get to speak at the convention. That might be worth watching.

    1. I am sure the Libertarian party would let her. They will not try and silence her because the support freedom of speech.

  2. Abernathy, Haber, Pornahan, Hubbel and the others. What a legacy! With all the upcoming drama the Libertarians could sell advertising, live stream with commercials.

  3. Messrs. Abernathy and Pornahan were entertaining, indeed, and Ms. Hubbel is very pretty and insaner than most, but my good friend Bob will not let her wreck his party.

  4. Lora……destroying the Libertarian party????? Do you really think she is that powerful Pat?

      1. She did pretty well at destroying the Constitution party. Maybe the Doc Terry will help her out on this as well.

        1. Lora is a Manchurian Candidate for the SDGOP. Doesn’t even realize that her true double super secret mission is to infiltrate and destroy groups and people she affiliates with. There is a bit of collateral damage, but the results are spectacular.

        2. Greeting and salutation but the good Dr. Lefluer owns the Constitution party. He is suing the National Constitution Party. Should be interesting.

  5. Not even close. Libertarians let people speak their mind. They are very pro first amendment rights.

    1. Not sure how you believe having first amendment rights means you cant be toxic, but here we are.

      1. I am sure the never Trumpers believe Trump is toxic too. Has that stopped him?

    1. 2 or 3-time candidate for governor, 3-time candidate for the legislature, candidate for school board, and former political party chair. Although, given the state of the CP, I’m not sure the former goes in front of chair or party, or both. She’s certainly fair game for coverage.

      Plus, you can’t make this stuff up.

  6. She has been reduced to a bit player. She is no longer electable; her voice carries no weight.

    Just like Tara.

  7. Rhetorical question: Is she a conservative or a libertarian, has she changed from a conservative to a libertarian, or is she just that stupid to know there is a difference?

    Let me answer: She is neither a conservative or a libertarian. She is unchangeable in her ability to be a chameleon. And, she is that stupid.

    1. She is neither conservative or libertarian but a Hubbelite. Armed and dangerous viewing her community as a very dangerous place with imaginary threats. Did President Reagan make a mistake by letting these all these people out of institutions that would be safer for everyone had they remained?

  8. Thank you for the coverage, Pat. Again that’s June 15th, 2pm at the American Legion in Rapid City.

      1. Hi Grudz! Would love to see you. 🙂 All friends are welcome – Hubbels and Grudznicks alike – to come and listen in, gratis. Per bylaws, convention voting is limited to SDLP membership.

  9. she did a good job of keeping third party spoilers off the ballot, ensuring the success of Republican candidates.
    Let’s give her some credit.

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