Lora Hubbel recipient of latest jabs from Dakota Posts

The Facebook humor page Dakota Posts is at it again. And this time it’s Lora Hubbel at their mercy:

Along with this one, which is a reference to her talking about how everyone was putting items into outlets:

And the campaign rolls on…

34 thoughts on “Lora Hubbel recipient of latest jabs from Dakota Posts”

  1. War College readership IQ and civility test. Today the posts were guns, out of state money, Billie Sutton, Deb Peters and Hubbel. Who’ll have the most comments by tomorrow afternoon? I say Hubbel by Dubbel. (pretty clever)

  2. Constitution, Independent, Republican; she just makes all those parties cringe as her efforts only help Democrats who make fun of her also

    I don’t see why she is running…no coherent message, no money, no following==no chance of winning, so why run?

    1. Why would you want to vote for a money/party insider? People over party. It would be nice to have an outsider as our next governor or congressman.

      1. Oh. They need to hire an artist because this person stinks at it. Probably shouldn’t cut funding for the arts… unless you like labeling everything… hair…. face… nose… knife…

        1. If the government is paying someone whose “art” is putting a crucifix in a jar of urine and a person who slathers chocolate pudding on herself while she is naked, there is room to cut the NEA funding. I know standards are foreign to liberals, but too bad.

  3. I expect she thinks that because of Stephanie and Kristi’s success, a pretty face is all it takes to get elected.

        1. Wow, what a brilliant retort! I guess I would say, look who is in the United States House, and who is making an impossible attempt at governor of the State of South Dakota. Drop out while you have a modicum of your reputation intact. . . oops, too late!

    1. Kristi Noem is smart, rational, attractive, hard working, and loyal. She is a Believer. Accomplished. Respected. A good Republican.

      You’re right.

  4. They were openly mocking her comments about Heinert in the Senate today. As in LG Michels from the rostrum referring to Heinert as Van Heinert and Heinert discussing embracing his Dutch heritage.

      1. People can see through it. Just because you don’t like her, you don’t have to call her a racist. I don’t hear you calling Heinert a racist. Why not?

  5. I hope he is not another R*NO. He needs to get on board with Nelson, Jenson, Russell, Livermont and May. Just tell the truth about Gear-Up, and he will win.

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