Marty Jackley campaign responds to new opponent in the Attorney General’s race

From my mailbox, former AG, and current AG candidate Marty Jackley sent an e-mail to supporters about the new developments in the Attorney General race:

We officially have a race. While the current Attorney General says he is still “weighing his options”, one of his Directors has now announced he is running. Meanwhile, the Democrat Attorney Generals Association has its sights set on the South Dakota Attorney General race, and they will stop at nothing if they have a chance to win in a red state like ours. I am working hard to make sure they don’t have that opportunity, but I need your help.

Please consider making a contribution to our campaign today so we can win the nomination at the GOP State Convention in June and carry that momentum to victory in November. Any amount will help spread our conservative message and will be greatly appreciated.  Our next campaign finance report filing deadline is May 23.

It has been a great honor to serve you. My experience as your Attorney General, United States Attorney, and small-town State’s Attorney has prepared me to take on the challenges of keeping our communities safe and protecting our freedoms.

It is the Attorney General’s responsibility to work with our law enforcement officers and to lead our law enforcement efforts across South Dakota. I am proud to have earned the support of 64 Sheriffs and 59 State’s Attorneys, and I remain committed to working with law enforcement to better protect you and your families. Crime victims deserve an Attorney General who will lead from the front by trying the tough cases, as I have successfully done many times during the last 25 years.

As your Attorney General, I will continue to defend our individual freedoms. As the former Chairman of the Nation’s Attorneys General, I am in the unique position to push back on Washington and President Biden’s attack on those freedoms.  And, I have successfully defended our pro-life laws; I am the attorney for South Dakota Right to Life, at no charge.  I have also earned an A+ rating from the NRA. I successfully argued in the United States Supreme Court, fending off an unresponsive Congress and winning South Dakota v. Wayfair. I will once again get the job done for you.

You have my commitment to work with our Legislature, our Governor, and our law enforcement to better protect our communities and these freedoms that are so dear to us. As I travel across the state, I look forward to listening to your advice and earning your continued support. May God bless you and South Dakota!





Well, what do you think?

20 thoughts on “Marty Jackley campaign responds to new opponent in the Attorney General’s race”

  1. I wonder how many sheriffs and states attorneys will pull their support for Marty now that they have a better candidate?

    1. are you kidding me? Natvig running isn’t a race – it’s a sideshow. Jackley wins easily.

      Jokers to the left and clowns to the right.

        1. BS, Natvig has been getting rid of good old boy yes and then adding for and fighting for agent pay equipment and the things Marty never would do

          1. You must not know any DCI agents…….. turnover is higher than ever before, morale is extremely low, he is an ineffective leader. period.

  2. its a QUARTER BACK SNEAK. Ravnsborg waffles and says he is “weighing his options” while A GUY WHO WORKS FOR HIM announces. You don’t do that unless the boss approves.

    Ravnsborg cannot resign; the Gov would appoint Marty, and these clowns would all be gone. So Ravnsborg goes to trial. If convicted, fine, they run Natvig. If Ravnsborg is acquitted, Natvig bails and Ravnsborg shows up at convention.

    Painfully obvious and doomed to fail.

    Cant imagine this silly little game will impress state Senators.

    1. And if Marty didn’t respond, you’d say he was scared. No matter what he does, you’d spin it against him.

    2. Funny- looks like a great opportunity to raise money. Marty would be foolish not to send such an email.

  3. I have to chuckle at Natvig sitting in his office posting all these messages. Its called whistling in the graveyard.

    Six weeks Dave-O. On the bright side, residential real estate is getting good prices! Your timing is pretty good.

    1. You have no concept about all of us who are supporting anyone but Mr Coverup ( Jackley)

      1. The last thing this state needs is Marty back as AG, he was horrible. It took Ravnsborg 4 years to clean up his mess and get the office out of 1 million in debt.

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