Medical Board moving forward with action to yank Bosworth’s medical license

From KELOland:

Annette Bosworth tells KELOLAND News the state board that oversees medical licenses asked her to surrender her license.


According to papers served to her attorney Wednesday, a hearing is set for July 31st.

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It’s not Bosworth’s first rodeo with the state Medical Board.

Do you think she stands a chance of keeping it (her license to practice medicine) at this point?

11 thoughts on “Medical Board moving forward with action to yank Bosworth’s medical license”

  1. She might have a future in the evangelical medical marijuana movement???? Praise Jesus and pass the bong, Annie.

  2. As long as she’s around Chad, she will continue to be oblivious to the real world and will continue to buy into his schemes and cons. Very sad.

    I think she should continue to practice but under strict supervision of a long-time MD approved by the Board. No other complaints about Medicaid charges, challenge of medical standards, criminal charges, public schemes/cons — or violation of her judicial ordered probation. Any violation in the next 10 years, and her license is gone. Last chance to do good for patients and her family — go be a Doctor and that’s all. Any more games, and send her packing. She can go work at Walmart.

    1. What games. Is taking care of the people on Pine Ridge a game? Just because she isn’t a kiss ass, the Democrat and Republican establishment destroyed her. How does Mr. Christian ethics feel about destroying this families life when he did the same thing she did.

      1. Tara please remind our new prospective party members that the new Conspiracy Party of South Dakota will have a meeting to elect officers at the Sioux Falls library tomorrow and will meet at Café Teresa in Mitchell Sunday morning for coffee.

        Will you help with petitions?

          1. Tara our new Conspiracy Party of South Dakota will blow off the lid off and expose corruption and secrets our government has hidden from us. People will rise up and vote our candidates in!

  3. Certainly the board has criteria that must be met to take action one way or the other. The problem for Bosworth is that she has already had to defend herself to this board in regards to the following: cutting corners -legally speaking- a lack of trustworthiness, an inability to make sound judgements and an inability to take personal responsibility. In fact, you could say that she has gotten worse, not better, on each of these dimensions.

    The judge and jury all believe, as does most of the community, she full well knew what she was doing with the petitions while she claims she did not. Did she not also claim this about the PA who was not licensed? So how do you square this with her being in a position of power and responsibility over others?

    Whatever the reasons/motivations that drive these behaviors, her most current behavior demonstrates that she has not earned the benefit of the doubt. I think the board probably finds itself having to remove her license even if they personally would choose to grant a second chance.

    In short, the board must demonstrate integrity where there is none in regards to oaths taken and competence.

  4. We are all a little worse off when we empower unelected govt bureaucrats to take away the inalienable rights of anyone.

    I am NOT a Bosworth supporter, but as a Liberty loving, free-market supporting, Republican, I don’t support this.

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