Dem Lt. Gov candidate Michelle Lavallee $500 donor to Governor Daugaard, doesn’t exactly hit every election, possibly pro-life

Democrats’ newly minted candidate for Lt. Governor, Michelle Lavallee, has apparently carried a bit of water for the elephant in the past, as evidenced here, and from a review of other campaign finance reports, such as Governor Daugaard’s in 2014:

I’m sure she’ll come back to the GOP once the election is over after seeing that dysfunctional bunch in the Democrat Party.

What else do we know about her? I’m seeing voter history information that says she may have skipped voting in the 2014 General Election, as well as the 2004, 2006, 2012, and 2016 Primary Elections.  And I’m seeing in a list I have that somewhere along the way says she was tagged in a survey as being pro-life. Which, if correct would mean both members of the Dem’s Gubernatorial ticket would completely reject abortion.

Could be an interesting convention for the Democrat rank & file if their choice for Lt. Gov is a Pro-life Republican who just changed parties.

Stay tuned.

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  1. a friend of education

    Look, I’m glad she’s pro-life. She seems like a great lady, and she did a great job helping Sioux Falls’ mayor hammer Jolene what’s her name. Seems to be an intelligent, savvy, successful businesswoman. I’ve got nothing negative to say about her.

    Here’s why this pick hurts democrats: In the short run, she may add a few votes. Great. I can see the value of that. But Kristi Noem is still going to win. Noem will come out guns blazing. She’ll win this election. Politics ain’t beanball. Kristi is too smart, too well funded, and too experienced. She’s a tough campaigner, and she’s very popular. She’s a political force.

    When Noem wins, democrats will say Sutton lost because he failed to choose a true blue progressive. So, next time, SD dems will slide toward the radical left, with disastrous results. This election is going to beat them twice.

      1. Steve Hickey

        In.the previous post here on DWC I explained why I thought she was a good pick for Sutton. I’ve been very vocal in my support for Noem.

        Epps report came after the announcement.

        1. x

          Just to be clear, “a thumbs up” but ultimately, support for the State’s nominee, right? Seems the line is a bit fuzzyl “Friends” on the D side are OK…. IMO.


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