More on questionable petitioners from Represent SD. Nevada group recruiting to “end foreign spending in SD politics.”

My previous post has generated a bit of activity in the form of insider tips with regards to the petitioning efforts from the Represent SD Group led by lobbyist Mitch Richter.

First and foremost is that Richter has apparently hired the Las Vegas firm “Advanced Micro Targeting to run their petitioning. Petitioning insiders out in the field tell me that as noted in the information from the previous post, they’ve brought in these people from Nevada, with one possibly from Ohio, to do their signature gathering.

Which just underlines the fact that you need to demand to see their South Dakota Driver’s license if they start soliciting you.

Another person out petitioning for a different ballot measure sent this to me:

It gets even more ironic when you see that part of their pitch is “End Foreign Spending in SD Politics.”  Because it’s coming from an out-of state petitioning organization hired with out of state money to gather petition signatures. And you can make South Dakota a better place by calling the Nevada Phone Number.

While it’s only anecdotal, I spoke with one person who had worked for them in another state who indicated they’re trained to be very aggressive. In fact, they told me that he’s observing at the fairs they’re getting kicked out of areas, only to return, and be kicked out again. (Not sure if this was at Sioux Falls, or Aberdeen, so it’s just their observation at the moment).

Another person involved on another measure related to me that one of the people out recruiting left an above flyer in a business, and when asked they were (allegedly) telling people $100 per day for 100 signatures, which if true, would seem to be a problem with South Dakota’s laws on how signatures are collected.

It’s hearsay at this point, but it might be something to give the Secretary of State and AG pause, and reason for concern if they can corroborate the accusation.

Stay tuned. More to come.

6 thoughts on “More on questionable petitioners from Represent SD. Nevada group recruiting to “end foreign spending in SD politics.””

  1. Are all these ballot measures really grassroots activism by citizens of the state when you hire out-of-staters to get enough petitions to get it to a vote? I think that’s a good idea to ask to see a driver’s license before even considering signing a petition. Also, ask it Rick Weiland is pushing a petition and that will also be very telling as to whether or not you should sign it; heck, ask if Heidelburger is supporting it as well and that should be a clear sign to people to NOT sign a petition.

  2. Did you read CAH’s account of finding clipboards with petitions on them left unattended at the Brown County Fair?

  3. It would be no surprise if these petitioners are from out-of-state. Last year, we had a young girl come to our neighborhood pushing for Amend V, if my memory serves me right, could have been Marsy’s Law. After talking for some time, she mentioned coming here from Ohio and renting a home with others to help to spread the word.

    Thanks for the heads up. We won’t be signing anything this time around, but we sure will be asking questions when approached.

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