My latest SD Political memorabilia acquisition – Teddy Roosevelt/Pierre for Capital

It’s not an early inaugural pin… but it’s probably better.  This week, I managed to purchase an original 1904 Teddy Roosevelt/Pierre for Capital medallion for my South Dakota Capital fight collection – and this is a particularly tough one to find;

The Pierre Capital Journal reported that the State Museum just acquired one themselves a few years back, in 2012. And frankly, this one appears to be in far better shape.

If anyone comes across South Dakota capital fight material, especially ribbons, drop me a note, because I’m interested.  I’m also always interested in older South Dakota campaign materials. And I’m actively searching for the 1933, 1937, 1939, 1947, 1953, & 1967 inaugural pins. (I’ve also misplaced my Daugaard 2011 inaugural pin, but it’s here somewhere.)