Name the ballot initiative….

Paperwork has been filed to put an initiated measure to a vote to raise the state sales tax with the proceeds to be spent on schools and healthcare organizations.  Atty General Marty Jackley will be giving the initiative a name after the paperwork is complete….

I’m thinking we ought to make some suggestions:

Band-aids for bureaucrats

Pennies aren’t from heaven….they’re from my wallet

Reading, ‘Riting, and Rectal Revenue



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  1. springer

    Another idea, “save the kids and granny and grandpa.” Seems that what is this iniative is targeting, groups that generate a lot of sympathy votes. And how can anyone be against helping old people and kids??! How about instead living within our means and developing a little personal responsibility!

    1. Job Creator

      That’s a great idea, Springer! Apparently we have a lot of little old blue-haired ladies who depend deeply on some of the budget cut items in health care and social services.

      Maybe you could give them some ideas on how they could develop a little personal responsibility…

      Looking forward to your answer. It could save a lot of elderly people a lot of agony!

  2. DVR

    That’s a little snarky, isn’t it? How about just calling it what is – “South Dakota Sales Tax Increase – Initiated Measure XX”?

    1. Kristi Golden

      Yep — totally snarky. And you are right DVR — it’ll have some totally boring title. I was just having a little harmless fun. 😛

  3. springer

    How about policies that instead of inhibiting job growth, instead that generate job growth, which lead to higher tax revenue to states and feds. The gov’t should address the reason for the drop in tax revenue, and address the ever expanding gov’t and resultant appetite for higher taxes, instead of just wanting more and more taxes. Taxed Enough Already!!!

    1. DVR

      This isn’t the government raising taxes. This measure would be South Dakotans voting to raise taxes on themselves.

  4. Job Creator

    The Democrat Name:

    The Replace Revenue Denied By The Evil Big Republican Government Act.

    The Republican Name:

    The Job-Killing Tax Increase We Don’t Need Because We Need To Develop Some Personal Responsibility and Tighten Our Belts Act

  5. Duh

    I would potentially be in favor of it if each school district would submit a balanced budget every year showing efficiencies and caps on Sup pay (say good bye to your club membership Hohman), non redundancies in positions (No 45 Sups, assistant Sups and Assistant to the Assistant Sups) and increased classroom time (no starting at 8:45/9 and ending at 3) AND every kid has to take 3 periods of PE per week, “Say No to Jelly Roll”.

    Healthcare organizations (i.e. Sanford et. al.) can bite me. Guess who’s paying for those Sadam-Like castles? Patients!!! “Oh, I think you need an MRI, that’ll be $3,500”. “Here, have one of your $45.00 asprins…” True story: “ok, we’re going to do a 90 minute nose reconfiguration, the OR is $16,000.00 and total cost for the procedure is another $4,000. Are you ready???” Beyond rediculous. I’m all in favor of helping the nursing homes who are stuck on what seems like 1990 reimbursement rates, but big conglomerations like Sanford who, with their Kelby Krabbyhoff visions of bigger is better can swim on their own, pay for their own ideas of saving the world at OUR expense.

    1. duggersd

      Seriously? Aspirin at $45??? I remember when they only cost $20. They did not like it very much when my wife brought her own in. And the box of tissues….as I recall that was around $10.

  6. springer

    DVR, a tax is a tax, whether imposed by gov’t or self-imposed via this referendum.

    And if our economy were free to grow without excessive regs and the threat of Obamacare and all its unknown costs, there would be more money into the state coffers via the already in place taxes. So (1) get rid of excessive regs and their attendant agencies and costs, (2) repeal Obamacare, (3) shrink the size of govt, (4) downsize administrative costs of education. Better economy equals less need for Medicaid also.

  7. springer

    Sally stated exactly what I said. The people behind this referendum have purposely put both kids and seniors on this in order to get a sympathy vote and get it to pass. Politics as usual. So what do we do if it does pass and a permanent tax increase is put in place, and what if the economy does rebound after 2012, will this permanent tax increase stay in place? What if it’s no longer needed? Will it be repealed? I will not vote for any tax increase.


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