New ED for @SoDakDems given big thumbs down on first public outing

Is the GOP going to maintain impossibly high election numbers again in 2016?  From the sounds of it, it isn’t looking good for Dems as they roll out their new Executive Director in her first public appearance representing their party:

Hey kids! Let’s put on a show, and pull old lists and stuff!

I wanted to ask Suzie what she would do to get more registered Democrats. James Abourezk beat me to the punch. After himming and hawing for a moment, and pausing, Jim asked again. Suzie said she was going to “pull old lists and start contacting those people” then rambled about Gregory County or something. I left early.

Read that here.

That sounds ….awful.

Democrats have had a tough time when they’ve had seasoned professionals at the helm. And it sounds like the new director is anything but. You know it’s bad when one of their few former statewide elected officials starts grilling her and putting her on the spot.

It’s a good indication that Chairwoman Ann Tornberg and crew have no experience, no message, and definitely no plan to do anything this next election but lose, and lose badly.

3 thoughts on “New ED for @SoDakDems given big thumbs down on first public outing”

  1. Pulling old lists and winning Gregory County might just be the one, two punch the Democrats need to beat back the GOP tide in this state.

  2. Democrats and Republicans need a better message as Independent numbers skyrocket in SD. Nationally Independents favor planned parenthood and the NRA.

  3. The reason Suzie took this horrible and futile job is that nobody wanted to hire her to be a lawyer for, well, obvious reasons.

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