New Republican candidate on deck for District 30

Somewhat lighter posting as I kicked off activities for both of my new positions today.  I’d liken it to drinking from a fire hose at full blast. I first had to figure out connectivity for my office computer through my network, and then get to work reviewing web sites, writing copy, producing a podcast, and a number of other digital media sorts of things.

I also had to do some training over lunch for the other position. It’s going to be no less nutty tomorrow, but that’s what I signed up for.

The world of politics certainly kept on turning during my day’s flurry of activity, as this evening I had a nice conversation with the GOP’s newest candidate for the State Legislature, Richard Mounce who is running for the house in District 30:


Mounce is an endodontist, which for us layfolk means that he’s a specialist dentist, focusing on root canal procedures such as the one I’m probably going to need on one of my back teeth, but conveniently keep ignoring.

Mounce is finishing up the work on his website, and plans to campaign in earnest next year for the seats being vacated by Lance Russell and Mike Verchio, both of whom are termed out of office.  Plan on that race being a free for all, as District 30 has had primaries when there were two incumbents, much less two open seats.

And it’s evident that he’s putting quite a bit of effort into his candidacy. That’s an awfully nice web site. My print work is comparable, but I can only wish I could code like that.

Regarding issues, dentist and businessman Mounce has noted specifics including:

My top priorities include:

  • Growing our economy (especially in the agriculture, tourism, small business and professional sectors)
  • Preserving cherished Second Amendment rights
  • Providing necessary yet sensible funding for our schools
  • Caring and responsible stewardship of South Dakota’s natural and financial resources
  • Supporting law enforcement
  • Aiding the global efforts of our military services, especially those at Ellsworth AFB
  • Improving rural access to health care and infrastructure investments

Read that here.

If you’re out West River, check out Dr. Mounce’s web site here, and keep an eye on him as next years’ races start to shape up.

Bonus…. Also, it looks like a Democrat is emerging from the nest to run west river. I think he’s a little small. Somebody should probably throw him back, as I don’t think his eyes are opened yet.

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  1. Rich you grow a Stasch and you’re Unbeatable. May I pump your book here too? Cave Diving is not for weaklings……

  2. Take the time to spend some time talking to the good doctor . He will be a tough competitor to beat in a primary .

  3. Repetitive Anonymous Troll= Liberal Democrat posing to make Conservatives look stupid.

    Repetitive Anonymous Troll= Coward

    Liberal Democrat posing to make Conservatives look stupid= Coward

    1. Is it that KRAZY out of state guy that is banned from here but keeps sneaking back in? He snuck back into South Dakota and is in the Hills trying to avoid the guy he loses sleep worry about Marty Jackley.

  4. My comment is in no way an endorsement . It’s what it is , a comment I will endorse after the primary .

  5. Mr Jones,

    I prefer the following Abstract from the London Journal to any Thing of my own, and therefore shall present it to your Readers this week without any further Preface.5

    “Without Freedom of Thought, there can be no such Thing as Wisdom; and no such Thing as publick Liberty, without Freedom of Speech; which is the Right of every Man, as far as by it, he does not hurt or controul the Right of another: And this is the only Check it ought to suffer, and the only Bounds it ought to know.

    “This sacred Privilege is so essential to free Governments, that the Security of Property, and the Freedom of Speech always go together; and in those wretched Countries where a Man cannot call his Tongue his own, he can scarce call any Thing else his own. Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech; a Thing terrible to Publick Traytors.

    “This Secret was so well known to the Court of King Charles the First, that his wicked Ministry procured a Proclamation, to forbid the People to talk of Parliaments, which those Traytors had laid aside. To assert the undoubted Right of the Subject, and defend his Majesty’s legal Prerogative, was called Disaffection, and punished as Sedition. Nay, People were forbid to talk of Religion in their Families: For the Priests had combined with the Ministers to cook up Tyranny, and suppress Truth and the Law, while the late King James, when Duke of York, went avowedly to Mass, Men were fined, imprisoned and undone, for saying he was a Papist: And that King Charles the Second might live more securely a Papist, there was an Act of Parliament made, declaring it Treason to say that he was one.

    “That Men ought to speak well of their Governours is true, while their Governours deserve to be well spoken of; but to do publick Mischief, without hearing of it, is only the Prerogative and Felicity of Tyranny: A free People will be shewing that they are so, by their Freedom of Speech.

    “The Administration of Government, is nothing else but the Attendance of the Trustees of the People upon the Interest and Affairs of the People: And as it is the Part and Business of the People, for whose Sake alone all publick Matters are, or ought to be transacted, to see whether they be well or ill transacted; so it is the Interest, and ought to be the Ambition, of all honest Magistrates, to have their Deeds openly examined, and publickly scann’d: Only the wicked Governours of Men dread what is said of them; Audivit Tiberius probra queis lacerabitur, atque perculsus est.6 The publick Censure was true, else he had not felt it bitter.

    “Freedom of Speech is ever the Symptom, as well as the Effect of a good Government. In old Rome, all was left to the Judgment and Pleasure of the People, who examined the publick Proceedings with such Discretion, and censured those who administred them with such Equity and Mildness, that in the space of Three Hundred Years, not five publick Ministers suffered unjustly. Indeed whenever the Commons proceeded to Violence, the great Ones had been the Agressors.

    “Guilt only dreads Liberty of Speech, which drags it out of its lurking Holes, and exposes its Deformity and Horrour to Daylight. Horatius, Valerius, Cincinnatus, and other vertuous and undesigning Magistrates of the Roman Commonwealth, had nothing to fear from Liberty of Speech. Their virtuous Administration, the more it was examin’d, the more it brightned and gain’d by Enquiry. When Valerius in particular, was accused upon some slight grounds of affecting the Diadem; he, who was the first Minister of Rome, does not accuse the People for examining his Conduct, but approved his Innocence in a Speech to them; and gave such Satisfaction to them, and gained such Popularity to himself, that they gave him a new Name; inde cognomenfactum Publicolae est; to denote that he was their Favourite and their Friend. Latae deinde leges—Ante omnes de provocatione Adversus Magistratus Ad Populum, Livii, lib. 2. Cap. 8.

    “But Things afterwards took another Turn. Rome, with the Loss of its Liberty, lost also its Freedom of Speech; then Mens Words began to be feared and watched; and then first began the poysonous Race of Informers, banished indeed under the righteous Administration of Titus, Narva, Trajan, Aurelius, &c. but encouraged and enriched under the vile Ministry of Sejanus, Tigillinus, Pallas, and Cleander: Queri libet, quod in secreta nostra non inquirant principes, nisi quos Odimus, says Pliny to Trajan.7

    “The best Princes have ever encouraged and promoted Freedom of Speech; they know that upright Measures would defend themselves, and that all upright Men would defend them. Tacitus, speaking of the Reign of some of the Princes abovemention’d, says with Extasy, Rara Temporum felicitate, ubi sentire quae velis, & quae sentias dicere licet:8 A blessed Time when you might think what you would, and speak what you thought.

    “I doubt not but old Spencer and his Son,9 who were the Chief Ministers and Betrayers of Edward the Second, would have been very glad to have stopped the Mouths of all the honest Men in England. They dreaded to be called Traytors, because they were Traytors. And I dare say, Queen Elizabeth’s Walsingham, who deserved no Reproaches, feared none. Misrepresentation of publick Measures is easily overthrown, by representing publick Measures truly; when they are honest, they ought to be publickly known, that they may be publickly commended; but if they are knavish or pernicious, they ought to be publickly exposed, in order to be publickly detested.” Yours, &c.,

    Silence Dogood

    1. I’m thinking of a finger GOBF. Which one? Oh yeah, that would be Ghost of Kreskin. Sorry.

  6. You are such a coward to put yourself in that class.

    1) Those men were Patriots whose lives and fortunes were at risk. Yours is not.

    2) You anonymously over a series offer nothing but to slur the character of Verchio, Hoffman, & Mounce. A real man would submit himself to the same ridicule he is willing to dish out. Or a real man would just refrain from personal attacks.

    But, ahhh, the coward. He sneaks and lurks in the darkness behind his computer screen safe in his house because in reality he is a tiny sniveling pea-brain incapable of real thought, leadership and resents those who can think and lead.

    1. Troy Jones,
      You appear to be lumping every anonymous poster on here into one persona in this rant in order to make yourself feel good about being on the wrong side of free speech.

      I cut and pasted Ben Franklin’s beautiful article he wrote several hundred years ago (under one of his many pen names) hoping it might crack your armor of arrogance. I did not post anything about Verchio, Hoffman, or Mounce, so your rant is ridicules upon its posting.

      Only an ass would assume to know the particulars of everyone posting on here anonymously and what impact it could have on them if establishment cronies like you were to know their identity and be able to retaliate for any posts you may take exception to.

      In that your petty little tirade and personal insults were hurled like fecal matter into the dark by a petulant chimp, I take no offense to your ignorance.

      Anonymous free speech is a Constitutional right. It is something that only tyrants and “traytors” attempt to curtail. It is the opposite of patriotic.

      1. Prove that you posted anything, or that you had no actual connection to the other posts. Your personal assurance isn’t admissible.

  7. From your ignorant comments, you probably think our military members who ‘sneaks and lurks in the darkness” in cover and concealment, like American Sniper Chris Kyle, are cowards and unpatriotic? Because your words are very similar to other liberals who rant and rave in such fashion.

    Who exactly are you and what have you done for this country for you to sit in judgment on anyone’s patriotism?

  8. I invite you all to my house to sit around our family table , room for 14 , and discuss these issues in a civil manner . Any personal attacks will result in banishment . Crown & Goose served to keep things relaxed .

    1. the point of it all is that nine of the people posting here will need only two chairs.

  9. My Italian heritage means that my entire social being revolves around my kitchen & food .

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