Newt slams "dumb" super-committee

Unlike Congress Newt hit this one out of the park.

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  1. caheidelberger

    “Bill Clay” — isn’t that the fake name Hans used in Die Hard to trick John McClane before he tried to shoot him? Are you smoking German cigarettes?

    I’m looking for the part where he hits it out of the park. The process he talks about — “regular legislative order” — hasn’t functioned since Boehner took the reins in the House. They had all summer to come up with a debt deal that would have kept the markets stable and averted the downgrade, and they failed. Are you (and Newt) trying to tell us that Boehner has seen the light, can whip his fractious kamikaze Tea Partiers into shape, and pass practical compromise legislation?

    Newt and “Bill Clay” take the easy road here: no specific policies mentioned, just some frothy rhetoric with a cheering throng behind it.

  2. Duh


    “They had all summer to come up with a debt deal that would have kept the markets stable and averted the downgrade, and they failed.” The GOP runs 1/3 of D.C. Your soon to be unemployed 2/3rds runs the rest. The pinheads have yet to come up with a plan and haven’t passed a budget in eons. The demo controlled Senate said several times that the house bill was DOA even before it was voted on. They do nothing but scream and try to scare the elderly and kids with baseless claims of gloom and doom without facing the facts that the current plans which include medicaid, medicare are unsustainable at current levels. Your worthless President has NEVER had a plan. What a worthless piece of crap, non visionary idiot that guy is. Oblabla has his head so far up his butt he has to squint to see his zipper. The GOP’s stance is cutting spending and not passing something “to then see what’s in it”. You’re rediculous and flat wrong as usual.

  3. Stan Gibilisco

    I’d like to have Newt over to my house for a buffalo burger or three. He reminds me of that Irish quarterback for the Chicago bears some years back (dang, I forget the name!), who, when asked the timeless question “Boxers or briefs?” on national television, gave an equally timeless answer: “That’s a stupid question.” Nothing like somebody who portrays things as they really are.

  4. Duh

    CAheibergerbergerwithfries: I don’t like the super committe because I don’t want to trust 12 or so individuals to determine where trillions in cuts come from. This just puts the fight on a smaller scale. You have the pinheads in one corner who want to spend, spend, spend. The GOP in the other corner who won’t. I believe that all politicians need to take an economics class and pass or they don’t get to run. That would really thin out the pinhead ranks, that’s for sure.

  5. Duh

    3.6 GPA – Econ Major at a very tough university. Blue Books ruled, no fill in the blank, no computer aids, your brain, pencil and paper. Most of my profs had their own books. We predicted the downfall of U.S.S.R. purely on economic models 5 years before it happened. Same route Oblabla is trying to take us on.

    I could run circles around your Prez. Then again, I’m pretty sure anyone who knows how to truely balance a checkbook could do likewise. He has ZERO business experience, ZERO competent advisors and the backing of a voting populous who don’t pay taxes and who want everything for free and off the backs of those who make this economic engine churn. How anyone could defend the policies of Oblabla, the demos to promote spending beyond our means and latching on to programs that cannot be sustained should be banned from voting in addition to the 47% of the U.S. who don’t pay taxes.

    1. Les

      I agree on the similar econ as the former USSR currently here Duh, now we wait and see if they break the price of oil(our only GDP besides ag) like they did to the Russians(mid 80’s) as a catalyst to finalize them/us.

      It ruined our domestic production then as well with that strategy(Williston Basin now being 25 years behind in production for a local perspective).

      The smartest man in the world is saying “Devalue the dollar by 50% and we walk out of this mess”. I guess he doesn’t realize that has already been done. Dead man walking.


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