Noem Calls on Businesses to Register for South Dakota Week of Work

Noem Calls on Businesses to Register for South Dakota Week of Work

PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Kristi Noem, in partnership with the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the South Dakota Retailers Association, today called on businesses to register for the South Dakota Week of Work April 20-24, 2020.

“As I talk to business owners and employers across the state, I hear the same thing over and over: they’d like to expand, but they can’t find skilled workers to fill openings,” said Noem. “Our Week of Work will create industry awareness and provide work-based learning opportunities for students. We want to show them the good-paying careers and opportunities available to them right here in South Dakota.”

“In order to make this week a success, though, we need businesses to get on board,” Noem continued. “By connecting businesses to students who are interested in a particular field, businesses can help develop the needed skills for future leaders in their industry, and students can get exposure to careers where they could excel. Please consider signing up today.”

Through South Dakota’s Week of Work program, 10th grade students will experience job shadows, industry tours, and other business-classroom connections. The goal is to expose youth to career opportunities available in their own backyards.

Businesses are now being recruited to participate in this program and can register at through Feb. 14, 2020. In the spring, participating schools will match students with activities based on career interests.

“Any business that has experienced the frustration of looking for employees, especially skilled workers, needs to take advantage of the Week of Work program,” said David Owen, State Chamber of Commerce and Industry President. “Students may not decide until much later what they are interested in, but they can’t include your business in that decision until they know what they could do.”

“The Week of Work provides an incredible, win-win opportunity for students and retailers,” said South Dakota Retailers Association Executive Director Nathan Sanderson. “We’re encouraging all South Dakota businesses to participate.”

Businesses can refer to the guide, tip sheet, and timeline on the website to help create and facilitate activities for students, parents, and teachers. Activities do not need to last the entire week.

Other partners in the South Dakota Week of Work include the Department of Education and Department of Labor and Regulation.