Nothing but the drunk and topless back in my little town.

Does this belong under political news… or weird news?  The Buffalo Chip Campground is apparently trying to become it’s own municipality. Why don’t I think it’s not going to ban alcohol sales on Sunday:

Hagg said there currently are 47 eligible voters in the area. State law says qualified voters are either registered voters in the proposed municipality or landowners in the proposed municipality who are also registered voters of this state.

The proposed municipality will cover 600 acres.


So, Buffalo Chip could be a town by this year’s 75th anniversary Sturgis motorcycle rally.

Read it here.

3 thoughts on “Nothing but the drunk and topless back in my little town.”

  1. This is a pretty obvious abuse of the municipality designation to warrant extreme perversion in the name of making money. So, now whenever anyone has a dispute with anything, they can just claim however many acres it takes to meet the registered voter requirement to establish their own government. Do we really want to open this can of worms for such a silly reason? Sturgis really is tough on their way of life. They require women to at least wear pasties in public during the rally for Heaven’s sake. I am presuming Buffalo Chip would even do away with that.

  2. didn’t the city council in sturgis annex land farther east to expand their buffer zone and block this move?

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