On my way back to SD…

“Sorry for the light posting,” as I wind my way back to South Dakota.

This was originally going to be a busy weekend writing on the SDCR convention featuring Michelle Maklin. Plus the Avengers movie and Free Comic Book Day for the kids.

Instead, I was in Arkansas cleaning out my in-laws house, and helping my wife de-clutter for the Realtor, and somewhat prepare it for a personal property sale.  Granted, I’m coming out of it with a truckload of “stuff,” but I suspect it’s going to be taking more of my summer.

Plus, I have three cats to find homes for.

3 thoughts on “On my way back to SD…”

    1. Being allergic to cats, I can’t disagree. But the wife might have something to say about it. (And there is a market for clothes, believe it or not).

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