Open primaries ballot measure petitions filed

4 months after the Attorney General’s ballot explanation was submitted, it looks like Nick Reid, the sponsor of the jungle primary ballot measure has finally moved forward with circulating petitions.

With roughly 110 or so days left.. will they be successful? We’ll see.

3 thoughts on “Open primaries ballot measure petitions filed”

  1. I sure hope not. Another liberal idea that will increase the cost of elections and hopes to elect more moderates and liberals….


  2. The Democrats pushing this are simply hoping for an advantage in every election starting out in the primary season. Or the DNC is trying to corrupt every State with the methodology they used in the last presidential election harvesting extra ballots.
    Regardless this thing will die a bloody death.

  3. In California, jungle primaries have entrenched Democrats, marginalized Republicans and virtually eliminated independents from general election ballots.

    This will happen to the Democrats if this passes. As one who wants two viable parties competing in the public square, this will weaken the discussion and body politic in South Dakota

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