Pennington Co GOP seeking replacement for Sean McPherson (Dist. 32 House) on ballot

Pennington County Republican Party Chair Marguerite McPhillips is telling the Argus Leader tonight that she has only heard from one interested person to take over the GOP Nomination for District 32 State Representative Sean McPherson. Sadly, Sean passed away before winning the Republican House primary on Tuesday:

The South Dakota Republican Party bylaws and state law dictate that Pennington County Republican Party Central Committee members select a replacement to run on the November ballot.


McPhillips said the party would aim to have someone selected prior to the state party’s convention.

Another candidate and executive director of the Family Heritage Alliance, Ed Randazzo, could be selected to run in the general election. He came up short in the primary by 409 votes.

McPhillips said Randazzo had expressed interest in the nomination.

“We haven’t heard from anyone else,” McPhillips said.

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If you’re a Republican living in District 32, and you have an interest in being selected to run in Representative McPherson’s position, call the Pennington County GOP at 605.348.8396.

You might also try and e-mail Marguerite directly. According to her listing on the SDFRW Board of Director’s page where she serves as President, you can reach her at [email protected]

12 thoughts on “Pennington Co GOP seeking replacement for Sean McPherson (Dist. 32 House) on ballot”

  1. According to the SDCL, shown below, the only individuals selecting this replacement candidate will be the Precinct Committeemen and committeewomen from District 32, the current District 32 Legislators and possibly some additional elected officials, who may reside in District 32, who are Central Committee members by virtue of their elected positions.

    From SDCL 12-6-56
    If the vacancy is a party candidate for public office other than presidential elector or statewide office, the vacancy shall be filled by a vote of county party central committee members in attendance who reside in the affected district.

  2. Have heard of several qualified people ask to be considered. So the statement made by the Pennington GOP can go three ways: they didn’t reach out to SDGOP, Pennington GOP is choosing to ignore them or this is the only way they can get a candidate from the Wing Nuts into a position. He sure wasn’t elected.

    1. Anna has spoken like a true Ultra-Socialist (the failed Rapid City establishment).

  3. Also wonder why they are trying to rush it before State Convention? There is no reason to hurry it before possible good candidates can be considered.

    1. the sooner they pick someone the sooner they can raise money, get signs and be ready to go vs waiting till August and then trying to sprint to the end

  4. Please…… from what you type you have never ran a first time election race. No major backing comes to a untested person. Ask Borglum who is a perfect candidate. Little backing from the money.

    The problem with your armchair analysis is:
    You have never run and if you did you didn’t win
    The wingnuts have done nothing but try to put a pause in smart government
    “Big money supporters” in South Dakota give $100 – $250 to support a tested candidate.

    So please let us all know why a man who got last should be handed a spot.

    1. Stace rather than post as Real Republican why don’t you post as The Only Republican?

      1. There are many Real Republicans (in addition to Stace) in South Dakota, so Anonymous you look like a utter fool for making foolish assumptions. Let me guess, part of the the failed Rapid City Establishment? Go back to your own party — select either Democrat or the Socialist Party of America.

        1. Don’t you see the irony that you call down anonymous and your are also anonymous. Oh yeah you are the Republican voice of the ultra-fringe opposition (UFO). Beam me up Scotty!

        2. It is hard to keep track are we against career politicians or new politicians with no voting records yet?

          1. Please define to all of us:
            – what is a career politician? Phil has served 9 years, Stacey is a career politician.

            My definition is do your service, serve your time and let others have their chance to preform and shine.

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