PETA attempting to use 2014 revised Animal Cruelty laws against Ag processor.

From the Yankton Press & Dakotan, PETA is calling for criminal charges against Yankton area Ag processor Cimpl under the animal cruelty laws revised by the state legislature during the 2014 session:

“PETA is calling for a criminal investigation into Cimpl’s, which caused four bulls to endure prolonged deaths after multiple bolt blasts to the head,” said PETA Senior Vice President of Cruelty Investigations Daphna Nachminovitch. “There’s no difference between the terror and pain that these bulls felt and how dogs or cats would feel if they were left to suffer from shots fired at their skulls.”

In a letter to Yankton County state’s attorney Rob Klimisch sent on Thursday morning, PETA called for an investigation of Cimpl’s and that appropriate charges be filed against those responsible for the inhumane treatment of the cattle. The Press and Dakotan contacted the state’s attorney’s office for comment, but Klimisch was not available.


“We are seeking some small measure of justice for the cattle that may have endured unlawful, agonizing pain and terror during the slaughtering process,” said Melissa Wilson, attorney for PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department. “We also hope to prevent more cattle from being mishandled.”

Read it all here.

Should legislators have exempted livestock or livestock slaughter operations from the 2014 laws to prevent animal rights loons from coming in to try to shut down slaughterhouses?  Because it sounds like that’s where they’re heading.

3 Replies to “PETA attempting to use 2014 revised Animal Cruelty laws against Ag processor.”

  1. Anonymous

    PETA is filled with whack-jobs and pagans who don’t give a rip about partial-birth abortion but cry if an animal has to eat ‘Ol Roy from Walmart instead of prime rib. These people have no integrity and no purpose in society apart from trying to pretend that animals are on the same plane as humans, which is incorrect and a pagan view of life.

    Well, enough said; I have to see about getting an archery tag to go shoot a deer this Fall.

  2. larry nielson

    While I agree with the sentiments in the previous posts, that animal cruelty law is only a couple changed words away from making every farmer (or frankly any pet owner) a felon…The excuse used of passing something to appease them and they will go away always has consequences. Anyone familiar with the process knows that to get a unpopular or obscure concept thru the legislator you first pass a shell bill with no teeth and then slip the real intent in a couple years later when noone is paying attention…PETA will try to use the courts (thanks GFP for showing them how it is done)…hope someone is paying attention and repeals the entire law rather than just applying another band aid


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