Pick a candidate, any candidate…

Things are going so badly right now that all of the Republican presidential candidates are capable of giving Obama a difficult run for reelection. Real Clear Politics has an interesting summary of the new presidential poll #’s for this month from Gallup.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney leads Obama, 48 percent to 46 percent, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry ties the president at 47 percent. The president holds a two-point lead over Texas Rep. Ron Paul and a four-point edge over Minnesota
Rep. Michele Bachmann.

I still haven’t decided who I would like to see win the GOP nomination this year, but I’m open to hearing what these four frontrunners have to say. When I read these recent poll #’s it made me wonder how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would fare in a head to head?

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  1. Job Creator

    This is going to be interesting to see who gets chosen.

    1. Flipflopper Romencare guy?

    2. Bush 2.0 Mr. Swagger. The ready, fire, aim guy.

    3. The crazy lady who makes enough gaffes you might think she’s doing it on purpose (hot for a fifty-something lady though).

    4. The guy who tells the truth even if it’s unpopular? (I like Paul – he might just help us end the stupid war on drugs and keep the party out of the anti-choice business).

    5. The guy who has six new ideas each day – one of which is usually a fairly good idea. The other five? Happy you’re aboard, Newt.

    6. Caribou Barbie?

    Any one of these stellar candidates can take on a billion dollar war chest? Yeah. Right.

    I wish you Republicans could put someone forward who was actually capable of being President. As it is, I am going to vote in 2012, but being from South Dakota my vote for president literally does not matter. If Gumby was the Republican candidate he would win in South Dakota. Of course, Gumby would probably be favorable to the guy we have there now. But I’m pretty sure Gumby is for socialized health care, so that would be a problem…


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