Political Buttons for sale.

If you haven’t noticed by now, I love political buttons, especially South Dakota pins. And inevitably, I end up with some extras. And rather than hoard them, I’m happy to sell them or to trade them to fellow collectors.

And since I’ve got this soapbox, I’m going to use it to sell my extras, so I can start my retirement fund.

See something you like? Want to make a hot trade? Send me an e-mail to pat@patpowers.com with “political buttons” in the subject line. Or give me a call at 690-6853.

“Stand Pat”  – Pierre for Capital. A relic of the final State Capitol fight in the early 1900’s.$25.00
 mickelson49  George T. Mickelson 1949 Inaugural Pin.$45.00
 herseth59large Ralph Herseth Inaugural Pin$25.00
 kneip75 Dick Kneip/Harvey Wollman 1975 Inaugural pin. (Small)$15.00
 janklow83small  Bill Janklow 1983 Inaugural Pin (Small)$12.00
 rounds03 Mike Rounds 2003 Inaugural Pin.$10.00
 Rounds07  Mike Rounds 2003 Inaugural Pin.$10.00
wallace George Wallace VariVue Flasher Pin$15.00
goldwater_miller Goldwater/Miller Varivue Flasher Pin$20.00
jan Jan Berkhout for Congress Pin$7.00

4 Replies to “Political Buttons for sale.”

  1. Rebekah Cradduck

    Pat, I was going through my pins last night and found 8 that I thought you would like to have. Ship my your email address and I will ship you a picture.

  2. Lee Schoenbeck

    I collect old South Dakota pieces. Probably have all but about 20. Am always interested in looking at the old ones


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