President Trump on pulling out of lopsided Paris Climate Accords

10 thoughts on “President Trump on pulling out of lopsided Paris Climate Accords”

  1. Well, if we’re calling balls and strikes, I would say the President hit a strike. Cueing the liberals who believe this global warming nonsense….

    1. You are right! It is a Chinese hoax and Alex Jones at Info Wars goes into great detail about it. Our great leader is greatly influenced by Alex Jones. He said so.

  2. Obama gave away the store and Trump is trying to take it back on behalf of the American people. Obama was everybody else first, America second, thereby breaking his oath; Trump is putting America first, thereby fulfilling is oath. I support Trump’s decision on this 100%.

  3. “this global warming nonsense”…. I can post dozens of scientific institutions and organizations around the world that thinks that statement is idiotic— How about YOU giving ONE that agrees with you,-when you cannot do that tell me– w
    hat do you know that NASA and the DOD do not know?

    1. I think some of us have looked at the comparisons of the NASA photos of the ice pack. Maybe NASA should consider looking too.
      The cost of implementing the accords vs the result are not worth it in terms of money, jobs lost, and decrease of standard of living. By 2100, a decrease of less than .5 degrees Celsius? That is not even an amount we can measure and say there was a change!

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