“Quisling. What a windfall for the English language.” (D.F.P. Hiley)

Hiley goes on to say-“It is not only because of the contemptuous sound, suggestive of “squit.” It is also clearly a diminutive.”

Yesterday, GOP got the slimmest of a majority (51 votes including a tie-breaking vote by the Bice President) to open debate on amending Obamacare, with amendments limited to taxes or spending and items directly related spending or taxes. Under Senate rules, a full repeal requires 60 votes, which would require support from over 20% of the Democrat caucus.

A subsequent vote of the most broadly possible amendment of Obamacare as allowed under Senate rules failed 43-57. Any other possible changes will be less robust because of the Senate rules. Thus, we have on the record a definitive list of Obamacare Republicans.

Senators Susan Collins, Bob Corker, Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Dean Heller, Mike Lee, Jerry Moran, Lisa Murkowski and Rand Paul.

These Obamacare Republicans betrayed the most central GOP position advocated in the past four elections and their stature will never be the same. They are Quislings. In addition to 9 Democrat Senators in states carried by Trump, the GOP must primary Corker and Heller. No Quislings allowed in caucus.

Update: Today, the following Senators voted against “skinny repeal” (what is possible with a simple majority) without a specific replacement: Sens. Shelley Moore Capito, Susan Collins, Dick Heller, John McCain, Rob Portman, Lamar Alexander, and Lisa Murkowski. Only Collins voted against the 2015 measure which passed both houses and was vetoed by President Obama.

Today, this adds Capito, McCain, Portman, and Alexander to the Obamacare Republican list.

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  1. Calling Rand Paul an Obamacare Republican is laughable; he is more conservative than John Thune or Mike Rounds. Call him what you want, but I wish I could call him MY senator. If the Republicans, our contingent included, had been working over the last 7 years to get together a plan that truly turned national health care around they wouldn’t be scrambling now to push a half-measure.

    I guess the establishment can’t take it when somebody tries to take a stand to push them-the establishment-to do better. Our senators are part of the establishment, and perhaps it is time for new blood in DC. (For those liberals out there, I am speaking of “blood” metaphorically; I wouldn’t want you to faint or claim I was inciting violence)

    Paul is a libertarian Republican and not a conservative Republican. There is a difference. Because I have strong libertarian inclinations, he was among my top three original GOP candidates in the primary. But, as of now, he is part of the cabal who are insuring we keep Obamacare. That makes him an Obamacare Republican by definition. And a Quisling. (Troy)

    1. Whatever you say Troy.

      I’m more in agreement with Anon above. Repeal and replace with a free market system, not the compromised “Trump Care” the Senate was heading down yesterday we’ll, since January). I too would pick Paul over Thune and way over Rounds.

      Fled, there is a saying in business. “Don’t let the pursuit of perfect stop you from making improvements today.” Your “repeal and replace with a free market system” is possible only if we have 60 votes. Thus, that perfection is effectively impossible today. We have a chance to make improvements today, improvements we may not be able to make in 2 years*. Or we can keep Obamacare as is. Which do you prefer? These are the only choices. *if we have 60 votes in the future, we can make your changes then.

      1. Troy, see my comments below. Those who don’t want to make the particular compromise you are enamored with because they want to do the right thing are not in favor of the wrong thing. The lesser of two evils is still evil, and it’s thinking like you’ve outlined above that got us John McCain as a presidential candidate and could have gotten us Jeb! the last time around.

        I will update post and add to the list of Obamacare Republicans.

        1. Hi Troy,

          You have the nicknames of the bills confused. My list was for straight repeal (and did not include Paul). The compromise (or “skinny repeal” bill was voted on this morning. Those actual Quislings are Collins, Murkowsky, and (color me shocked) McCain.

          If anybody was expecting any of these three to act in a conservative manner or in the best interests of the country they would be surprised, but nobody has ever mistaken any of these three as selfless conservatives.

      1. I moved here to vote against Daschle. I can’t fix all of your problems for you!

    2. Anon 12:02 & Fled to Red: Well-said and agree. Thune and Rounds should drop conservative from their platform. #Repeal. #FreeMarket.

  2. Good luck with your pending civil war….. Hahahahaha

    The reason the Republican Party has this internal mess is because it has never had a plan or an alternative to the ACA; and that the “Repeal and Replace” slogan was nothing but rhetoric from day one. This is because the Republicans really do not care about health care and they find the topic uncomfortable and awkward for them, which results in this mess. And if they have any concern for health care, it is Darwinistic in nature, which finds itself at odds with the intended compassion any credible health care measure must have….

    “never had a plan” Not true. The GOP has had multiple plans. “Do not care about health care” Not true. We just don’t think bad outcomes should be tolerated because of good intentions. (Troy)

    1. If the GOP has “multiple (good) plans,” then why will they be forced to accept a “skinny plan?”

      But your “outcomes” will make it worse; and where are your “good intentions?”

  3. On a straight repeal vote:

    Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine; Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia; John McCain of Arizona; Rob Portman of Ohio; Lamar Alexander of Tennessee; Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Dean Heller of Nevada voted in opposition.

    So these are the Obamacare republicans (and nobody is surprised).

    Story at: ObamaCare ‘straight repeal’ fails on Senate vote

    Note that Rand Paul did support repeal.

  4. Quisling definition…. “a traitor who collaborates with an enemy force occupying their country”.

    Strong language. One which I would more likely reserve for people who meet secretly with Russian operatives and lie about it for eight months. Meeting with those same foreigners who did, in fact, attempt to undermine our election process.

    Voting against a measure that would result in twenty million people losing or dropping their insurance just doesn’t quite stack up to that. Promise or no promise.

    1. result in twenty million people losing or dropping their insurance …

      More like 20 million people who would gain the ability to legally decide whether or not to purchase a product (a certain type of insurance)

      1. You say, “20 million people would gain the ability to legally decide whether or not to purchase… insurance”?

        No. A lot more than 20 million people will have that ability to decide. Its just that a measly 20 million people will “choose” not to have coverage because they feel they cannot afford it.


        Can we just be honest? If the people who will drop their insurance couldn’t afford it, they’d be eligible for Medicaid. These people are forecast by CBO to drop it because they think they paying for a product not worth the price. The Cruz Amendment which eliminates the “essential benefits” crap that drives up the cost of insurance for both the young and old will create incentive for people on both ends to keep insurance. CBO refuses to score considering the impact of lower premiums via the Cruz Amendment because they assert there is no evidence lower prices will increase usage. These guys are economists? Really? (Troy)

  5. What about the thousands who supposedly have insurance but their deductibles are so high that they don’t get to use it anyway even tho they are paying high premiums? People need the ability to choose the type of coverage that fits their individual circumstances, not some govt mandated policy that they don’t even need, ie men being covered for pregnancy and women for prostate issues.

  6. It’s a numbers game, Troy, and in the end numbers are what you need in a democracy. The majority of Americans don’t support repeal of the ACA. Senators and Reps who don’t accurately represent the views of the majority of their constituents on this issue make themselves vulnerable in the next election.

    Bottom line, you lost. The Republicans control every branch of government and still can’t get it done. It’s over.

    1. It is no wonder why you don’t post your name. It is hilarious you’d assert public support as a rationale in this matter. Until the last few weeks because of the inaccurate slurring of the GOP proposal by the mainstream media and lying Democrats, Obamacare has NEVER had either a majority or plurality of Americans supporting it. NEVER. It had a significant disapproval the day it was rammed down our throats. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/other/obama_and_democrats_health_care_plan-1130.html

      Our problem is we have Republicans on both sides of the political spectrum demanding their way or the highway. I find no honor in their actions because their attitude belies arrogance and selfishness. Today, we have the votes to do only so much. These Obamacare Republicans can either choose to accept what is possible today or force us to keep Obamacare.

      1. What’s hilarious is the increasingly addled nature of your ramblings.

        That, and your reliance on polls.

        Senators and Reps are hearing their constituents loud and clear, and know that repealing the ACA will cost them votes. You can disagree but it doesn’t make you right.

        In fact, the repeated failure to enact any legislation on this issue makes it patently clear that you’re wrong.

    2. Actually I think I saw a Rasmussen poll a while back that said less than 30% of us like Obamacare just as it is. Leaving 70% or so who want it repealed, replaced or repaired. So far the Republicans can’t seem to do any thing.

  7. Jimmy James- I hope you were talking about the Hillary camp and their uranium one deal. Oh I forgot, they didn’t lie about it and no one is doning anything about it. What about Ukrainian government collusion with the DNC? No worries, nothing will come of that either.

    Sad day for the yesterday…… the day privatized Heath care ended in the US….we found the hypocritical republican senators who voted for repeal 2 years ago, now with Trump in office they showed their true colors. Except Susan Collins who voted the same way twice. At least she doesn’t deny her progressive agenda.

    1. Translation: They are all crooked. No need to look into this.

      I prefer we investigate all criminal behavior. You, on the other hand…

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