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When Government Jumps the Shark

?Progressives? today are too often grimly determined to achieve two incompatible ends: an indefinite expansion of entitlements and benefits on the one hand ? and the preservation and even the extension of inefficient organizations and methods on the other.

Great piece on the evolution of political dreams into political nightmares.  Most of the government programs that are now threatening our fiscal health started with a small seed of a good idea….and then with too much feeding, morphed into a bloodthirsty monster like “Audrey II”.  Or if you prefer an movie reference to a Broadway one… turns into V’ger.

* Photo of the Audrey II from the movie “Little Shop of Horrors”

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  1. caheidelberger

    Wow: you just illustrated exactly the point Doug Wiken and Fareed Zakaria make: that contemporary conservatives are sticking their heads in the sands of abstract theories and false generalizations and ignoring specific facts. Kristi Noem is the one clinging (and, in some cases, making a living on) to ethanol subsidies, crop subsidies for rich farmers, and bloated, wasteful crop insurance. There: I offer three specific counterexamples refuting your vague assertion about “progressives.” Or is Kristi a “progressive”?

    Conservatives like Kristi Noem and Paul Ryan are committed to the incompatible ends of reducing the deficit (laudable) and reducing tax rates below even the current historically low levels (irresponsible).

  2. Troy Jones

    Cory, Cory, Cory,

    Zakaria piece is interesting not very contextually accurate. True, the federal revenue the last two years are at the lowest percentage of GDP in over sixty years. Unfortunately, the problem with tax revenue right now is how bad the economy is and not our tax rates. Because of the progressive tax rates on income, the dismal economy is generating less revenue because incomes have diminished greater than the drop in GDP.

    If we were having normal post recession growth instead of the anemic growth, tax revenues as a percent of GDP would be approximately be at the norm for the years since 1950. More importantly, the deficit would be under $500 billion (due to less expenditures and more tax revenue).

    At the end, this deficit and the reductions we are being forced to consider is because nothing the President has proposed has resulted in a more healthy economy. And, so long as the President promises to tax more those who are successful, the economy will continue to stagnate.


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