19 thoughts on “Regarding Obama’s lack of visits, South Dakota recieved a mention on the tonight show…”

    1. the state votes solid red. we turned aside a lot of the string-filled ‘freebies’ and programs that were allegedly the ‘best’ part of ahca and stimulus. how did the president exactly create the ‘boom?’ sounds like avoiding the president altogether has been better for us.

    2. If you want to start farming or want to buy a house those are terrible numbers.

    1. John Oliver devoted a four minute segment to the topic.

      There’s a very offensive use of the f-word in here:

    1. The last word is always yours, Mr. Powers. The topic is why our President won’t come to visit. That begs the information as to what things are distasteful about South Dakota. e.g. That Mount Rushmore was stolen from the native people and it would be tantamount to a liberal President visiting a Civil War reenactment or slave quarters at a Louisiana plantation to visit a state that derives such pride from land taken and a treaty ignored. The fact that SoDak gets so much federal money by taking native children from homes that show less abuse per capita than white parent’s homes is also on topic to why he won’t visit. BUT … LWIY (last word is yours), sir.

      1. you’re free to move. but that’s if you even really live here at all. i’m interested in the last word as well. i’ll be we’re not near to it.

              1. @anonymous …. Stop driving down here and smuggling our product back to South Dakota. We’re on to you and have your license plate number. PS … just living in CO doesn’t mean I don’t have financial interests in SoDak that make it vital to pay attention.

  1. The question really should be: Has any Democrat invited him? Has anybody requested a presidential visit to do a fundraiser or embellish a campaign?

    1. every moment of his reign, er uh terms, president obama has addressed all of his remarks to the half of the country he likes. when he talks to republicans it only rises to the occasion of telling his troups what he’d tell republicans if he was talking to them. that’s as close as it gets. under this communication plan, he can regard south dakota as invisible with absolutely no downside to suffer with his half of the nation. democrats have crafted a pretty sweet message plan and they know it.

  2. During the most productive reign in liberal politics since FDR our President has directed his message to those states without such low self esteem as to deny progress to their most in need. The selfishness displayed by those longing for independence, patriotism and liberty knows no boundary of arrogance. When crisis’ have arisen USA has challenged them as a group not as a collection of those overprivileged, born with benefits self-consumed who take from the table but refuse their share of the burden.

    1. Presidential visits are always highly organized to enhance the fortunes of politicians and PACs

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