Release – FACT CHECK: Jackley Didn’t Create the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

FACT CHECK: Jackley Didn’t Create the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Despite repeated claims, Marty Jackley did not create the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. ICAC was created in July 2002 and moved to the South Dakota Office of the Attorney General in May 2003.

A Department of Justice press release from October 15, 2007, announced the creation of multiple stand-alone ICAC Task Forces throughout the U.S. At this time, South Dakota’s ICAC Task Force was transitioned to a stand-alone model. To aid in the transition, the South Dakota Office of the Attorney General, in which Jackley did not serve at the time, was awarded a $250,000 grant. Marty Jackley was appointed Attorney General in 2009.

“Only in a lawyer’s office does filing a different set of paperwork for an existing entity mean you created something new,” said Justin Brasell, Kristi for Governor Campaign Manager. “South Dakotans deserve an honest accounting of what happened. Marty Jackley needs to correct the record and change his misleading TV commercial.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Keep it up Marty! You are clearly getting under her skin with this.

    Noem doesn’t like sharing the human trafficking and child crimes with anyone.

    She looks petty.

  2. Anonymous

    Why isn’t anyone in South Dakota reporting on Noem’s Internet Sales Tax proposal in Congress? The Wall Street Journal is talking about it.

  3. Anonymous

    Nothing in this release refutes what Jackley’s release stated. It restates claims that have been refuted, then insults Jackley for being a lawyer, all while being purposefully ignorant of his service as U.S. Attorney.

    If this statement was released in my name, I’m not sure if I’d feel more embarrassment or more shame. Probably both.

  4. Garry Moore

    If memory serves me correctly I believe I worked with Bill Mickelson, who at the time was with the DCI, when I was in the legislature, and I believe he introduced and had passed the precursor to the ICAC enabling legislation way back when. I don’t have a dog in this fight so I guess I really don’t care, but that is what my memory tells me. Either Mark Barnett or Larry Long were AG’s at the time. I guess I really don’t care who the credit belongs to, I would rather see it enforced by all prosecutors and young children protected. After all that was, and remains the purpose of ICAC or any precursor act.

    1. Anon

      I am a former ICAC agent. SD was originally a unit of the Minnesota ICAC Task Force and under their control. Kristi’s press is correct in stating the stand-alone SD ICAC Task Force was created in 2007. What she doesn’t understand is that it was because of Jackley that we got our own ICAC Task Force when he was US Attorney. So she is admitting Jackley is right in this press release

  5. Anon

    All the Jackley forces are crying because it hurts to admit you are wrong. Jackley can’t create something that already existed. He might can improve and expand upon it, but you can’t “create” it if it already existed, and that is the false claim in his TV ad. Marty should just own up to the error in his ad and clarify the situation.

  6. Anonymous

    Noem doubles down?!

    Let’s just all tell it like it is. It seems like Jackley is embellishing his role in this deal a little bit and i have no problem with Kristi checking him on it. IF he’s not exaggerating then she looks bad. Its politics. We’ll see how this one plays out.

  7. anon1

    (Somewhere in a cramped meeting room a couple months ago)

    Consultant: So, what are your achievements? How about this child task force thing… did you do that?

    Marty: Well, not really. It was already in existence, it just became a stand-alone a few years ago. I didn’t have much to do with it.

    Consultant: But you were AG when it happened, right?

    Marty: Yes, but all I really did was sign some paperwork.

    Consultant: But, that paperwork made it official, right?

    Marty: I guess….

    Consultant: OK, let’s run with it… No one will ever know the difference.


      1. Anon2

        Also, it appears that “stretching the truth “is common place amongst Jackley supporters as well. She’s just starting her eighth year. Also, her first six years were all under Obama, where nobody with an R behind their name got any “wins”.

  8. Anon2

    Sorry bud, not a staffer like you are, I do it for free. Every Republican wasted eight years under Obama. You better spin a little better than that if you’re going to get paid going forward.

    1. Anonymous

      So you admit you work for, or at least volunteer for, her campaign? Does she send you to troll the blogs anonymously, or is it Brasell?

      1. Anonymous

        I am not Anon2, but he does not appear to be admitting anything, just saying he supports her and doing it for free.

      2. Anon2

        I don’t work for the campaign, or volunteer for the campaign… I have contributed. How about you?

        If you can convince every republican in congress to give back their salaries when they were serving during the Obama years, go for it… I’m sure Kristi would join in.

    2. Anonymous

      Additionally, since you agree that she wasted 6 years under Obama, shouldn’t she return her salary to the taxpayers?

      If she wants work requirement for welfare it should apply to her hefty government salary as well


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