Release: Greg Jamison makes Mayoral Run Official

Greg Jamison Makes Mayoral Run Official

Sioux Falls, SD: Greg Jamison made his intentions to run for mayor of Sioux Falls official on Monday September 25, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. in the Holiday Inn City Centre, 100 West 8th St.

Jamison started off with a statement about transparency.

“Secrecy in government is bad for everybody, secrecy breeds distrust and can cost the city money and doesn’t reflect what the taxpayers want. As mayor, I will have an open door, open books and open mind. Because I learned long before I was ever elected that it’s the people who run government, government doesn’t run the people.” Jamison Said.

Jamison then outlined his top 2 priorities as mayor, roads & crime.

“In 20 years the Sioux Falls population is estimated to be at 250,000 people and my plan for the future includes Taking care of our roads! We have over a billion dollars invested in our roads and in 2017 nearly 800 city blocks will be improved using different treatments to maximize pavement life and make smoother roads.

I will propose and work with the city council to fund a budget that will increase the number of blocks improved from 800 to 1,000, then to 1,200 and on and on!

In this high-tech age, we don’t need to put up low-tech roads. My long rang transportation plan includes the use of even more technology in our traffic signals.

It’s my goal that every traffic signal in Sioux Falls will be a smart adaptive traffic signal. Adaptive traffic signals will save us all time, reduce cost and improve safety.

No more waiting for a light to turn green when no other car is in sight, signals that adapt to the changing traffic flows in the morning and then change again for the evening traffic. Traffic signals that know road construction is occurring nearby and adjust automatically to improve traffic flow! Let me make it perfectly clear, I will work every day to create smoother roads!

2nd and just as important, I will support our great Police Department and together we will address the growing crime problem head on. Here are the facts for Sioux Falls, Homicide is up 133%, Rape up 15%, Robbery up 20%, Aggravated Assault up 8% and Stolen Vehicles up 47%!  I will propose new patrol officers, a new special crimes unit our goal will be to reduce crime, save our community money and protect our family values. Meth is at the core of all those crimes that are on the rise. Meth is threating our community and all of us must address it! I will lead the effort on 3 fronts; Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement, the fight is on and it will take all of us to win!

My plan for the future of Sioux Falls has roads that are smooth, traffic that flows and a supported Police Department in the head to head fight with our crime and drug challenges!

While I hope to lead this plan, this is a plan put together by listening to the taxpayers who want us to remain a leading city in America, a plan to keep Sioux Falls the great shiny city on the river!” Jamison said.

Smoother Roads Ahead Sioux Falls!

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  1. Anon

    Who wrote this? Greg is a great candidate and would make a great mayor, but this release has more than a few grammatical issues.


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