Release – Jackley for Governor Campaign events for next week.

Marty Jackley will be available to the press at the following upcoming events:

16-Mar University of South Dakota
Jackley will meet with the USD College Republicans at noon in the MUC Pit Lounge, then address law students in the afternoon.

16-Mar Sioux Falls Meet and Greet
Jackley will host homeschool students and parents at his Sioux Falls campaign office at 5:00 p.m.

20-Mar Lemmon Economic Round Table
Lemmon business and community leaders will gather for a conversation about workforce development, education, housing, and infrastructure in Perkins County and the surrounding area.

22-Mar Aurora County Lincoln Day Dinner
Jackley will be a featured speaker at the event, which begins at 5:00 p.m. at the Stumble Inn (south side Main Street) in Stickney.

23-Mar Spearfish Economic Round Table
The round table tour will continue in Spearfish Friday when Jackley meets with community and business leaders from the area.

23-Mar Belle Fourche Economic Round Table
For his second economic round table of the day, Jackley will meet with Butte County leaders in Belle Fourche.

20 Replies to “Release – Jackley for Governor Campaign events for next week.”

        1. Anne Beal

          It’s an interesting issue. You know that claim about South Dakota being one of the most corrupt states in the country?
          One of the metrics used is the number of “convictions per capita.”
          SD came in on one chart as #4 in convictions per capita.

          If we had lousy prosecutors we wouldn’t be listed as a state with a corruption problem. So maybe the less time any of them spend working, the better. Maybe they should all spend time doing something else, until the corruption goes away. If nobody prosecutes it, everything will be okay.

    1. KM

      Yes, there was. I’m also curious about the comment concerning MJ using tax payer dollars for his campaigning. I think they may have neglected to consider what the donations are being utilized for. So I’d take the comment for what it is…nonsense.

    2. Anonymous

      How about a representative who’s never in her state? I guess that’s not entirely fair; Noem spends a lot of time in Watertown. It’s close to her house and she doesn’t have to spend much time or effort to make an appearance there.

        1. KM

          No, actually I think they truly believe what they stated is the truth…their truth. Speaking in absolutes is foolish and easy to refute, but that can be difficult for some to comprehend.

  1. Charlie Hoffman

    At the end of the day the candidate who resonates better with the majority of the voting public wins the election. That usually means fighting for the little guy more than the other candidates. In essence the most common hard working down to earth person who says what people want to hear and believed to speak the truth almost always wins. This dude from out of state who is throwing barbs at Jackley is only hurting Noem and tainting this race with bloviations people will turn negative on. Game on for the Jackley team keeping it positive.

  2. Anonymous

    Is it the same dude whos mind is fried with not much left and all he can repeat is

    It is deeply sad, disappointing and disheartening there are no principled conservatives in South Dakota with the support, resources and courage to mount third party and unaffiliated runs for statewide office.

  3. Anonymous

    Noem’s people don’t do anything SHE doesn’t want them to do. If you don’t like their actions, blame her.

  4. Jake

    Very active campaign he wants my support I appreciate that I don’t like candidates that take it for granted and think that they’re just entitled.

    1. John

      A very aggressive campaign schedule. I like it also that he is making it to many parts of the state and listening to the people.

    1. KM

      Let’s go with taxpayers paying for it. That’s what you want, right? Do you hold the same standard for legislators? While I listen to webcasts streaming from Pierre, many representatives are often excused from a final vote. Do you take as much time to research your reps’ vacation days as you do for MJ?


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