Release: Medical Marijuana Ballot Question Petition Rejected by Secretary of State

Medical Marijuana Ballot Question Petition Rejected by Secretary of State

PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced that the petition submitted for an initiated measure to legalize marijuana for medical use was rejected by her office.

“An Initiated measure requires 13,871 valid signatures in order to be placed on the ballot,” stated Secretary Krebs. “This initiated measure petition included 15,157 signatures. We reviewed a random sample of signatures and only 62.48 percent (15,157 x 62.4822% = 9,470 valid signatures, not meeting the 13,871 signature requirement) were found to be valid.”

A rejected petition cannot be challenged to the office of the Secretary of State, however that does not prohibit a citizen from challenging the denial of a ballot question petition in circuit court.

This was the last submitted ballot question for the 2018 general election to be reviewed by the Secretary of State’s office, barring any submissions of referendum petitions from South Dakota citizens concerning laws passed during the 2018 Legislative session.

For more detailed information on potential 2018 Ballot Questions, click here.


11 thoughts on “Release: Medical Marijuana Ballot Question Petition Rejected by Secretary of State”

  1. The never ending drama & unprofessional conduct of the leader of New Approach South Dakota, the West River lead petition circulator wearing a revealing costume more suited for the Sturgis Rally or cocktail waitress at a strip club and usual super high error rate with anything MJ related being sold as medicine just didn’t do it again.

  2. I think Chairman Lederman should be commended on all these horrible ballot measures being rejected…quite a few of them went down ..don’t sign on the line!

    1. Sioux Empire the medical claims put out by the pot industry is a nuts! Issues with quality control, mold & toxic chemical contamination, dosages being way off from being very weak to far too strong in concentrated form which can cause harm.

      Talked to a guy last week who works at a legal commercial grow operation in Washington state and they have too much supply and not enough retail outlets. They don’t care and just want sales and especially the money $$$$. When you go to NASD it is just pot porn posting a cure for everything which reflects what is going on nationally. Hardly any accountability except the FDA warned a few companies in MA to stop making false claims in their advertising.

    2. That is an interesting statement. New Approach SD demonstrates incompetence and carelessness so that is a victory for human suffering and misery. Are you suggesting that New Approach is a party to human suffering? Is their lack of public support a victory?

  3. 2 years in a row great job new approach. Maybe put the pot down and verify every signature prior to turning in a single ballot. Time for new leadership to work to legalisation.

    1. 2 years the pot effort has been trying for like 12…new approach has just failed the last 2 but we have voted it down as a state twice already with overwhelming majorities….

  4. Interesting that the fear still held here in South Dakota on doing anything against the Federal Rule of law carried over to not signing a petition easily outweighing decades old statutes aligning a weed with Chemicals that can damn sure Kill you.
    America needs to figure out the greatest drug threat to deaths upon youths. Hammer that trail hard and loosen up on what Trump and Sessions just stated they are going to leave alone and not prosecute. Be Smart!!

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