Release: Noem Commits to Four Pillars of Protection

Noem Commits to Four Pillars of Protection
Key negotiator of historic federal tax cuts vows PROTECTION FROM TAX INCREASES as first pillar

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kristi Noem today pledged that as governor, she would uphold Four Pillars of Protection for South Dakotans: Protection from Tax Increases, Protection from Government Growth, Protection from Federal Intrusion, and Protection from Government Secrecy. Noem, who helped negotiate historic tax cuts last year, took Tax Day as an opportunity to highlight her first pillar: Protection from Tax Increases.

“President Reagan got it right when he said the government’s first responsibility is to protect the people, not run their lives,” said Noem. “Time and again, I’ve fought to repeal regulations, streamline government programs, and increase transparency and efficiency. When it came time for tax reform, I made sure we significantly cut taxes in order to lift the federal burden put on families and job creators. As governor, I would commit to the same fight.”

Noem served as a top negotiator of the historic tax cuts that President Trump signed in December 2017. The deal, which was the first successful tax reform package since President Reagan, simplified tax filing for many by doubling the standard deduction, significantly lowered rates for families and job creators, and doubled the Child Tax Credit. As a result, the average South Dakota family of four will keep an additional $2,431 annually. On top of that, many have received pay raises, bonuses, and better benefits because of the pro-growth changes made on the business side of the tax code.


Protection from Tax Increases. South Dakota is one of just seven states without an income tax – and we need to keep it that way. As governor, I pledge to veto efforts to increase taxes, and I’ve put that commitment in writing when I signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Protection from Government Growth. Under my administration, there would be no new boards, no new commissions, and no new blue ribbon task forces. Instead, we would look to scrub each agency, refocusing and streamlining existing departments while cutting red tape.

Protection from Federal Intrusion. When the Army Corps attempted to charge South Dakota for use of our own water from the Missouri River, I successfully fought back as the state’s lone member of the House. When the Obama Administration wanted to close military bases like Ellsworth, I pushed to strengthen our national security. And when the federal government came after the Hot Springs VA, I advocated for our veterans. As governor, I would do the same, working with the congressional delegation and leveraging my own relationships with federal leadership to stop Washington’s intrusion into South Dakota’s way of life.

Protection from Government Secrecy. Voters have repeatedly supported government integrity measures at the ballot box. I hear you. As governor, I will build on the recent momentum, working to throw open the doors, not only of the state capital, but also encouraging county commission offices and school boards to give you unprecedented access to the government decision-making process at all levels.


13 thoughts on “Release: Noem Commits to Four Pillars of Protection”

    1. Talk to the 4H rodeo folks who were going to be shut down thanks to USDA’s interpretation of title IX – which Kristi fixed last week after talking to Sonny Perdue. I bet they trust her.

      Talk to the trafficking survivors standing next to Kristi in the Oval Office last week when Trump signed one of Kristi’s bills to reduce trafficking. I bet they trust her.

  1. I wish she’d say what red tape she’d cut and what agency she’d streamline. Easy to day, heck of a lot tougher to do

  2. This is awesome! Exactly what needed to be said. Nothing from Sutton or Jackley about taxes, other than they want more. Glad Kristi’s not afraid to say no to higher taxes.

    1. Kristi tried to get this issue passed through Congress. If you think this issue raises taxes, then you must admit that Kristi tried to raise taxes. She only failed because she couldn’t convince her peers to join her in raising taxes.

      Kristi can’t be trusted.

  3. I see team Jackley pushing the “Kristi can’t be trusted” garbage.

    She’s not the candidate fake fence fixing and shooting token horse footage in attempt to trick the voters into thinking shes involved with agriculture.

  4. Solid proposal…I think her and Jackley have both put out a lot of this stuff, but who is paying attention to it I wonder.

  5. But she isn’t a representative FOR South Dakota. She supported Trump’s departure from TPP that cost American farmers 25% of their beef export to Japan. Didn’t say a word on behalf of South Dakota farmers

    She supported the Trump Tariffs that will dramatically decrease American farm exports as China and others impose tariffs in retaliation. American farmers are the most efficient in the world. Other countries are desperate for an excuse to protect their farmers. Now they have it. Noem said not a word in defense of South Dakota farmers. She is a Trump brown noser, not a South Dakota Representative.

    1. I don’t care for Noem, but if you think attacking her for supporting Trump will hurt her chances of getting elected in South Dakota, you are truly clueless.

  6. Sorry the “PILLARS” business leaves me feeling jumpy for some reason??? Can it be that she is taking advice from a PC obstructionist younger staff person? Probably…..

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