Release: Noem Economic Plan Builds on Trump Push for Military Families

Noem Economic Plan Builds on Trump Push for Military Families

WATERTOWN, SD – Kristi Noem today issued the following statement after President Trump signed an executive order to enhance employment opportunities for military spouses:

“It’s going to take strong state leadership to fully implement President Trump’s vision for our country, and expanding opportunities for military families is a clear example of that. As the White House pointed out, more than 20 percent of military spouses cite state licensing regulations as one of their greatest challenges. I want to change that reality for South Dakota’s military families and help advance President Trump’s agenda.

“Those who serve are asked to move a lot. They might be in Texas one year and at Ellsworth the next. As governor, I will look for opportunities to fast-track veterans and military families through the licensing process, letting their experience count so it’s easier to work in South Dakota.”

Earlier this spring, Noem released a comprehensive agenda to kickstart South Dakota’s economy, which included a review of state licensing requirements, among other things. More specifically, Noem will direct the Department of Labor and Regulation, working with state professional organizations, to conduct a full review of licensing requirements. The review must explore: (1) the potential elimination of unnecessary professional licenses, (2) opportunities to streamline existing processes, including strategies to increase web-based tools, and (3) options to fast-track apprentices, technical school graduates, veterans, and military families, letting experience count so it’s easier to work in South Dakota.

President Trump’s executive order encouraged agencies to hire military spouses. According to a recent survey from Blue Star Families, about three-fourths of respondents said being a military spouse negatively impacted their careers. Another study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce found the military spouse unemployment rate stood at 16 percent in 2017.

8 thoughts on “Release: Noem Economic Plan Builds on Trump Push for Military Families”

  1. She’s seen as having been at best aloof and at worst disinterested in the cares and concerns of the average military family.

    1. You must be talking to a different set of veterans than me. In my part of the state the veterans are very supportive of Kristi.

      1. Veterans aren’t a homogeneous group. In my limited experience, former service members who regularly use the VA are generally supportive of Kristi. Active service members tend more often to think of her as not caring about their concerns.

    2. Obviously you are not a Veteran, or if you are, you are way out of touch with our Veterans and Veteran’s groups across SD. As a life member of the VFW, American Legion and DAV, I know that All three of our Congressional Delegation work very hard for SD Veterans and Veterans overwhelming appreciate their efforts.

      1. I can only go by what veterans have told me. I’ll grant that my experience is limited and may not be perfectly representative of the larger picture.

  2. 1) Why does Noem want to do away with kid ending requirements?

    2) What group or groups stand to benefit the most from that?

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