Release: TenHaken Announces Transition Team

TenHaken Announces Transition Team

SIOUX FALLS, SD, May 9, 2018 — Mayor-elect Paul TenHaken announced today the transition team that will advise and aid his entrance into the mayor’s office.

“It’s time to get to work for the people of Sioux Falls,” said TenHaken. “The impact that these individuals have had on Sioux Falls is tremendous and I look forward to their counsel and engagement as I prepare to lead the city.”

The transition team will meet on a regular basis to advise and consult with TenHaken on key appointments, initiatives and the successful execution of his 100-day plan for Sioux Falls.

The TenHaken transition team is comprised of:

  • Erica Beck, former Economic Development Manager for City of Sioux Falls

  • John Beranek, leadership consultant and organizational trainer

  • Anne Hajek, State Representative (2013-2014), Minnehaha County Commissioner (2003-2011), City Council Member (1995-1998)

  • Gary Hanson, SD Public Utilities Commissioner (2002-present), Sioux Falls Mayor (1994-2002), City of Sioux Falls Commissioner of Utilities (1988-1994), State Senator (1982-1988)

  • Donn Hill, former Fire Chief for City of Sioux Falls (1997-2011)

  • Loren Koepsell, Augustana University professor

  • Dave Munson, Sioux Falls Mayor (2002-2010), State Senator (1997-2002), State Representative (1979-1996)

  • Jim Schmidt, Lincoln County Commissioner (1998-present), Sioux Empire Housing Partnership Executive Director

  • Jodi Schwan, former Chief of Staff to Mayor Dave Munson (2006-2010)

  • Goi Yol, community leader/independent consultant (present), Investment Advisor to Governor of Jonglei State, South Sudan (2013-2014), Commissioner of Akobo County/Executive Head of Local Government (2009-2013), Director of Special Programs, Office of President of South Sudan (2007-2009), Head of Office/Program Analyst, United Nations Development Programme (2006-2007)

The 100-day plan presented to voters in April 2018 is the roadmap for the beginning of the TenHaken administration. The plan is available for download at


14 thoughts on “Release: TenHaken Announces Transition Team”

  1. ok a bit off topic but please bare with me as I compliment your transition….nice new fresh banners at the top! Didn’t really see a thread to comment on that…so the TenHaken transition is excellent but so is yours here.

  2. Really – Anne Hijack, one of the dumbest councilmembers to ever have bumbled her way into a city position – and then to have resigned in a childish huff – only to go back to her failed legal (mal)practice efforts; Dave “Can’t decide to run, or, Not to Run” Munson who hired a lightweight newbie reporter to be a so-called lighterweight Chief of (mediation relations) Staff; Gary “Can’t Handle Anne Hijack/3-Day Workweek” Hansoon; Jim “Stinkin Lincoln County’s Problem Child/Non-Knowing-All” Schmidt… Yeah, a powerfully – weak – group of general know nothings to try to worm their way into the Dutch Mafiaso! To top off this unimpressive groop, TenHacker should also add the fat-mouth moronic baloogler over at South Park Dracola in Fatland with his federal lawsuit video “friend”.

  3. And Anon Who Knows adds some Christmas cheer… must be a loetscher supporter with sour grapes.

    Even is you disagree with some of the picks, the team has solid experience.

    1. ‘Who Knows’ certainly knows how to complain. I respectfully disagree with you that they’re a disappointed Loestcher supporter. With the magnitude of their disgust on display, a crying closet would be needed had this post been an announcement for Team Jo;)

  4. Who is the staffer from South Sudan? Why is experience in the government of South Sudan meaningful to Sioux Falls? What is the connection between TenHaken and the government of South Sudan?

    1. Paul continues to impress me by his reaching out to and attracting such an impressive member of our immigrant community to give him insight into that new segment of our community. Ignoring the immigrants or pretending they aren’t here is not good practice. In a community starving for good employees, we need to be optimizing all people.

      1. I was impressed during the campaign when he said his executive leadership skills would enable him to hit the ground running. I didn’t know he meant run right to a transition team to guide him. No longer impressed.

    2. Yeah get all warm and fuzzy over Hayek who bungled flood plain for citizens ofvSx Falls but helped insurance companies fleece some who had LOMRS She was supposed to pass on to said residents…warm and fuzzy over S. Sudan wanna be as it would be hard to tell where loyalties lie based on history of Sudanese in America….looks like New mayor was bought “lock stock and barrel” scary he will have access to all our hard-earned tax dollars…..

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