RNC Podcast with GOP National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel features Governor Kristi Noem in inaugural edition

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel launched a podcast this week to talk about the amazing things happening in America and the people who make it work by interviewing policymakers.

In the inaugural edition of the podcast, South Dakota’s own Governor Kristi Noem was her first guest. Ronna & Kristi discuss a number of topics, including America’s freedom, unity, and how Kristi kept South Dakota open during the COVID pandemic.

4 thoughts on “RNC Podcast with GOP National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel features Governor Kristi Noem in inaugural edition”

  1. I missed it .. did Governor Noem ask her what happened to the $200,000,000 the GOP raised to save the election that was never, to our knowledge, spent for that purpose? This is a nice parlay since I can’t see her keeping that job. Best wishes. Don’t let the door …

    1. Trump raised it for purposes other than “stopping the steal.” Read the fine print on the sites where donations are accepted, genius. You got caught up in a grift.

      1. Dear Anon;

        My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that the GOP used Trump, who has the support of the majority of the nation (doesn’t matter since ingeniously we’re a republic) supports him with their dollars (what better friends do we have than those that give us money).

        The GOP grifted on the stop the steal movement (now Revolver News *boom*) but delivered virtually nothing in defense of election integrity when it mattered.

        It was a steep price to pay to expose the feckless and weak who seem to be good at showing-up to work and casting aspersions on others, but little else.

        Trump is such a gamer.

        This is an amazing time to be alive. My only regret through this is not being in the meetings to design and plan it, despite that I found my way to the truth myself with little money and help.


        John (not Anon) Dale

        PS: Q is short for Q-Anon, which is short for Q Anonymous *boom*

        1. 1. You have a funny definition of “majority”
          2. It wasn’t just the GOP writ large that spent the “stop the steal” money towards things other than audits, etc. It’s literally listed on Trump’s page that funds could, and would, be directed elsewhere in the campaign. He grifted his own movement. Do some basic research.
          3. Your Arizona election audit has been a train wreck. Perhaps, just perhaps, they haven’t found fraud at a large scale BECAUSE THERE IS NONE TO FIND.
          4. Lemme guess, you are a QAnon believer and think they are harvesting children for adrenochrome.

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