Russell for AG Campaign sends out campaign letter.

From my mailbox, the two delegates in the family (my daughter and I) received this letter from the Russell campaign asking for our support:

Russell Spouse Letter by Pat Powers on Scribd

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  1. Tim Begalka

    I was signed by Lance’s wife Starla. It told a lot about their family, and Lance & Starla’s growing up together through HS and college. I thought it was very well done.

  2. John

    A well written letter, but just unelectable in my eyes..

    The problem I have with Mr. Russell is he writes these letters (or his wife does) and they SOUND GOOD…but when you know about all his baggage and the things he has done through the years there is absolutely no way I could vote for him.

    I do not understand why he is running for 2 offices at once. I do not like career politicians and think he should pick one race and put his energy in there, not have a backup plan if one race does not work out for him as he wants it to.

    1. Pat

      I agree John, Russell needs to pick one race. Hedging his bet is not a good way to impress voters. It just makes him seem even more like the typical career politician that we don’t need more of.


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