SD Citizens for Liberty working with Democrats to attack Republicans. Again.

Given their long history of attacking Republicans, questionable ethics, as well as other things, it is interesting to find that Citizens for Liberty’s primary outlet is the website of a socialist democrat who ran against Republicans the past 2 elections…

Conservative activist group Citizens for Liberty polled South Dakota legislators last week on impeachment and related matters.

Read that here

Seriously? Stace Citizens for Liberty has their latest press release off to Cory Heidelberger before the release is up on their own Facebook page?

I have to question the wisdom of GOP office holders who actually respond to anything sent to them from the Citizens for Liberty organization.

Because they certainly aren’t working to elect Republicans.

6 thoughts on “SD Citizens for Liberty working with Democrats to attack Republicans. Again.”

  1. Important to remember today’s War on Terror is yesterday’s Peace Is Our Profession. Endless war is forever by definition.

  2. How is their press release an attack on Republicans when it clearly shows support for President Trump?

    1. How many people even got it or knew to open it. Citizens for Liberty has become divisive.

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