SDGOP elects leaders; big changes afoot in how convention delegates are selected.

I’m told a release should be coming on it shortly, but Pam Roberts was selected as State Republican Party chair yesterday at the Central Committee Meeting, with Drake Olson of Sioux Falls chosen as vice chair.

I wasn’t able to attend, as I was driving back to South Dakota after my father in law’s funeral. But now that I’m back in state, where the weather is better than it was down south, I’m also hearing of other big changes.

One of the people there noted that there was a complete overhaul on how the SDGOP operates in picking National Delegates. This attendee tells me we had to in order to conform with the earlier Nat Convention. If not we ran the risk of not being allowed any at all. They also cited that David Wheeler of Huron did the lions share of work on it.

I’ll update you as I hear more. Stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “SDGOP elects leaders; big changes afoot in how convention delegates are selected.”

  1. Delegates and alternates will be elected at the state meeting in March, and will be bound to vote, winner take all, to the candidate who wins the primary.

    Which means somebody might find himself required to vote for a candidate he didn’t support in the primary. If he can’t hold his nose and do that, he might have to let an alternate take his place.

  2. My apologies to you and David PP. Freudian slip here. The first time I was introduced to David somehow Redfield was taken as his home. I’m a poor listener.

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