Secretary of State PIO Jason Williams exiting from State Government

I’m hearing today that Secretary of State Shantel Krebs campaign confidant and public information officer Jason Williams is calling it a day and leaving the Secretary of State’s office for greener pastures.

No specific word on what the Aberdeen native (and recently betrothed) Williams will be doing, but best wishes to him in his future endeavors.

14 thoughts on “Secretary of State PIO Jason Williams exiting from State Government”

  1. I had heard he is not associated with Shantel anymore period. Not office or campaign. Kind of early for campaign staff to be abandoning ship.

    1. Interesting bit of gossip. It wouldn’t be the first time Krebs has played with matches around gasoline soaked bridges.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jason sign on to the Noem Campaign. He’d be a good fit out in the field.

    1. Yes, good guy. I had also heard he was no longer affiliated with Shantel. She’s lost a good one.

  3. Thanks for the nice words Pat. Happy New Year!

    As you know the SOS is a wonderful and rewarding place to work. Much of that is because of the dedicated friends who work there.

    Life changes fast. On memorial day I married my wonderful wife Rachel and we are expecting a baby boy in April. They are a great blessing.

    Shantel is a friend, dedicated public servant and great to work for. I thank her for the opportunity and of course I support her candidacy for congress.

    This truly has been a blessed time in my life.

    God Bless

  4. Jason “The Voice of Reason” Williams !

    Nothing is more important than being a good Father!

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